Yeh Hai Chahatein : Preesha’s Father Goes Missing !

Rudra wakes up at night and asks Preesha to remove his handcuffs as his hands are paining. She frees him and says she will go and change her dress. He gets romantic seeing Saransh asleep when his phone rings. Preesha asks him to pick call. He picks call, Khanna informs him that he got a new music contract with a big music company and should meet its owner soon. Preesha asks him to agree. Rudra agrees. Preesha says he needs to expand his business soon. He gets romantic again. Saransh wakes up and asks if they are playing thief and cop again. Rudra feels frustrated. Next morning, Rudra with Preesha walks down for breakfast and finds coffee pot empty. Mishka says she will bring it. Sharda stops her and says she is a guest here and should be one, they cannot forgive her for what she did with Saransh. Mishka walks away. Rudra tells Sharda that Mishka has changed and she should forgive her. Sharda denies and asks Preesha to explain him. Preesha says Mishka wants to repent and they should give her a chance. Rudra agrees and says final decision will be mom’s. Sharda says only their happiness matters to her, so she is okay with whatever decision they take.

Vasu and GPS while cleaning their house for diwali finds their children’s old photo with 2 daughters and a son. Vasu gets emotional and says she is trying to forget her past, but it resurfaces again. GPS says their past is hidden not to trouble Vasu. He gets his friend Subbu’s call and goes to meet him.

On the other side, Rudra meets music company owner Param Aneja. Param offers him 40-60% partnership. Rudra amazed asked if he is sure as he will invest money and may bear losses. Aneja says he will bear losses initially, but it will be a profitable deal in a long run. Rudra agrees for their partnership. Param leaves in his car when Mishka crashes her car with his car and starts arguing with him. They argument exaggerates and she orders guard not to let such people inside Khurana house. During dinner, Rudra discusses with family about writing 2 new songs. Mishka says she is sure he will rock again.

Vasu enters worried and informs Preesha that GPS left for Subbu’s house in the morning, but didn’t reach there; she is worried as he didn’t take his medicines. Preesha and Rudra accompany her and check at GPS’ friends’ houses but don’t find him. Vasu suggests to call police. She gets a call and acting shocked says she will return home. They reach home and see GPS waiting for her and asking where had she gone locking the house. Vasu says he left in the morning and called from someone else’s phone. He says his phone battery drained, so he used someone’s phone to inform her. She gets more angry and confronts him that he never went to Subbu’s house as she called Subbu’s house. Subbu says he met Subbu outside and calling Subbu asks him to tell Vasu that they were together whole day. Vasu says she called his home. Subbu says they met outside. Subbu’s wife asks why did he lie. Subbu says because GPS asked to and thinks till when GPS will continue his lies. GPS calms down Vasu by gifting her flower gajra.

Precap: Subbu asks GPS if Vasu didn’t doubt it and till when he will hide truth. GPS says some truths are better hidden. Param plans a romantic date for Rudra and Preesha. GPS leaves house again lying Vasu. Rudra informs Preesha about their romantic date tonight.

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