Yeh Hai Chahatein : Revati Discovers Dev’s Body !

Police sniffer dogs stop at a spot and start digging it. inspector tells Revati that they should dig the ground to find out what’s under it. Revathi orders the principal to send everyone out and asks Rudraksh and Preesha to stay back. Police find a garbage bag underground. Media reporters return and cover the story. Alia calls Saransh and questions what he did with Dev as she saw the news just now. She breaks off her friendship with him and disconnects the call. Saransh watches the news and gets tensed noticing Revati and her team at the school venue.

Revati is shattered to see Dev’s dead body. Preesha asks Rudra what are they going to do now. He says he did whatever he could to save Saransh and recalls how he buried Dev’s dead body in the school premises thinking that no one will find out about itt. He tells her that due to the ongoing construction, nobody will find out about the Dev’s dead body there and then fumes on her saying it’s of use talking to her. Preesha walks to Revati to console her, but the Revati pushes her. Rakesh reaches there and asks Revati why is she crying. She points at Dev’s dead body. He also breaks down seeing Dev’s dead body. She determines to punish her son’s murderers.

Revathi tells Rudra and Preesha that she is going to arrest them in Dev’s murder case. Rakesh asks her to not spare the Khuranas. Preesha tries to convince Revati that they didn’t kill Dev. Rudra asks Revati if she has any proof to prove that they killed Dev. Revati says yes and reminds them all of their suspicious acts since the annual day function. She further reveals how police officers followed them as she knew they were hiding something but didn’t expect its Dev’s dead body. She says police dogs reached here after sniffing their freezer and it proves that they murdered Dev. She tongue lashes them for showing their fake sympathy after killing her son. She questions Preesha what kind of a mother she is to kill someone else’s son, determines to punish them for killing Dev, and orders her team to arrest Rudr and Preesha.

Rudraksh tells Revati that these are just her assumptions and not proofs, so they are innocent. He says its possible that someone already put Dev’s body into the freezer before they coincidentally brought the freezer home, so it doesn’t prove that they killed Dev. Sharda walks in with her Lawyer. Lawyer argues that Revati can’t arrest Khuranas without any solid proof and takes Rudra and Preesha aside.

Ruhi and Saaransh watch the news and learn about Dev’s dead body. Lawyer praises Rudra for answering Revathi fearlessly. Rakesh angrily tries to hit Rudra,. Revati stops him and says she has circumstantial evidence against Rudra and Preesha and hence can arrest them for questioning.

Precap: Revathi questions Preesha and Rudra how they killed Dev. Rudra denies. Police brutally trash Rudra. Revati says they will stop only if they reveal the truth. Ruhi says she will tell the truth.

Update Credit to: MA


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