Yeh Hai Chahatein : Revati Questions Rudraksh !

Rudraksha worries that Revathi must have come to know about Dev’s death and hence came back. He hides his blood-stained jacket in a water tank and walks down Preesha returns home from school with Saransh and Ruhi and gets tensed seeing Revathi. Revathi says she wants to speak to Rudra. Rudra walks to her acting normal. Revathi says principal told he got CCTV cameras installed at the school, so she needs owner details of the installation company. Rudra asks if something is wrong. Revathi says she feels CCTV footage is tampered as Dev had visited school during annual function, but she can’t see him in footage. He asks why she thinks that Dev had visited school. Revathi shows him Dev’s bracelet and says it was found on terrace which proves Dev visited school during annual function day.

Preesha says bracelet can fall anytime there and he must have gone to terrace before. Revathi says she is sure Dev visited school on annual function night. Rudra says someone must have dropped it on terrace and asks if she has any evidence before making such a big allegation. Revathi says yes and recalls ordering inspector to get CCT footage of the shops around school. She checks footage and finds Dev walking towards school. She thinks if head visited school, then why isn’t he seen in the footage, that means someone tampered the CCTV footage. She shows footage to Preesha and Rudra and asks Rudra to give security company owner’s number which handles CCTV footages. Rudra gets tensed and thinks what should he do now. His manager walks in and asks him to check his work schedule. He excuses from Revathi and walks out with manager. Preesha thinks what will Dev do now. Rudra sends manager away and calls security company owner and asks him to change his namber and be in exile until the issue is sorted out. He then thinks now he will tell Revathi that he couldn’t contact the owner.

Revathi expresses her worries for Dev and tells Preesha that she can understand it as a mother. Serant informs Preesha that there is a problem in the water tank as water is not coming in the bathrooms. Preesha asks him to call the plumber. Rudra returns and says he couldn’t contact the owner. She takes phone number and finds it off. She then leaves and notices plumber arguing with the servant for giving less money. She notices waistcoat in his hand and recalls Rudra wearing it during annual function night. She pays plumber and takes waistcoat from him and thinks she needs find out why Rudra threw this coat in water tank. She orders inspector to send it to forensic lab andcheck if he can find any evidence.

Rudra returns to terrace and doesn’t find his waistcoat in the water tank. Servant informs him that plumber took it after cleaning the tank and must have throw it away. Rudra relaxes thinking plumber did his work. In the evening, Rudra feels tension headache. Ruhi performs his scalp massage and he falls asleep while sitting. Preesha takes over Ruhi and massages his shoulders. Rudra wakes up and gets angry seeing Preesha.

Precap: Inspector informs Revathi that according to forensic report, there were blood stains on the waistcoat. Revathi’s husband tells her that Saransh and Dev were at loggerheads, maybe Rudra and Preesha are trying to protect their son. Revathi questions Rudra that she found blood stains on his waistcoat and ants to know whose blood stains were they.

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