Yeh Hai Chahatein : Romila’s Plan Flops !

Arjun apologizes Kashvi, thinking her as Mahima, for making her sit with veil on for a long time for the ritual. He expresses his love for her. Daadi fears Arjun may lift Kashvi’s veil and calls him away. Kashvi relaxes. Nitya asks Nayan not to worry about Mahima as she will keep Mahima as her own daughter. Romila notices Mahima and Daadi’s nervousness and thinks what might be the reason for their nervousness. She searches for Kashvi and asks about her.

Nayan says she is resting in her room due to weakness. Romila realizes that they both replaced Mahima with Kashvi. She tries = to lift Kashvi’s veil. Daadi stops her and asks her to bring a pot for the ritual. Romila orders her children to bring stone pebbles. Husband asks reason. Romila puts stones in a pot and reveals that Kashvi is under the veil and not Mahima, her veil will be out and if she gets tired carrying heavy pot on streets. Family agrees to her evil plan.

Romila keeps pot in front of Mahima/Kashvi and asks her to lift the pot. Nayan says she will lift the pot instead as she had taken a mannat/wish to lift the pot for children’s prosperous future life. Nitya likes her idea and says even she will lift Arjun’s pot. They walk away carrying pots. Romila’s husband tells her that her plan failed. Romila says Nayan will be tired carrying the pot and then will drop it down, Kashvi will drop her veil when she rushes to her mom worried.

Nayan feels the pot heavy and thinks something is wrong. Romila waits for her to drop the pot. Nayan drops the pot. Sam holds it and keeps it down. Nitya asks what is he doing here. Sam says he was passing by after attending some function and walked to them seeing them performing ritual, he hopes if he didn’t disturb them. Nitya says not at all, guests are welcome.

Romila fumes seeing Sam failing their plan. Sam asks why is the pot so heavy. Nayan says there is water in it. Sam says not possible and checks it. They are all shocked to see stones instead. Romila thinks Sam failed her plan completely. Sam and Nayan remove stones together. He holds her hand in the pot. She feels nervous. Tu Hai Mujhe Phir Aur Kya Chahiye.. song plays in the background.

She frees her hand. Daadi asks Mickey and Monty to bring water, takes Romila aside, and scolds her for filling stones in the pot. Romila denies. Daadi warns her to stop acting as she is the one who brought pot and warns her to stop her conspiracis or else she will be punished. Romila stands fuming on Nayan and thinks how to expose Kashvi.

Nayan carries pot. Romila steps on Kashvi’s dupatta. Kashvi slips and her face is about to reveal when Sam holds her and is shocked to see Kashvi instead of Mahima. Daadi thanks him and takes Kashvi away. Sam thinks why Nayan is getting this ritual from Kashvi instead of Mahima. After the ritual, Nitya congratulates family for successful completion of ritual and hopes remaining rituals also happen peacefully.

She leaves with family. Sam thanks Daadi for letting him participate in her family function. Daadi says she should thank him instead for helping them. Sam tells Nayan that she has to accompany him. Everyone look at him confused. Sam says till outside as he wants to handover some documents to her. Nayan accompanies him. Romila’s husband scolds her for her failed plan.

Precap: Sam questions Nayan for replacing Kashvi with Mahima. Nayan scolds Mahima for missing the ritual. Sam scolds Pradyuman for being with Mahima even after his warning and says she is not a right choice for him. Pradyuman expresses his love for Mahima and asks if she will elope with him. Mahima agrees and gets intimate with him.

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