Yeh Hai Chahatein : Roohi’s Plan Fails ; Armaan Succeeds in His Attempt

Armaan locks Roohi in a store room and thinks he needs to get Preesha out of the auditorium before Rudra comes here. Kanchan informs him that Preesha went to the washroom. Roohi knoks the door and prays god to reunite mamma and papa as she is stuck here and doesn’t want to lose a chance to unite them. Preesha hearing her asks if someone is inside. Roohi says its her and asks her to get her out. Preesha tries and say she needs to twist the door knob to open it. Roohi tries and calling her mamma says its not opening. Preesha thinks poor girl is missing her mamma.

Armaan bumps on Rudra and gets tensed thinking he needs to get Preesha out soon before Rudra sees her. Rudra gets angry seeing him but then thinks he needs to find Roohi first. He walks to Sharda and asks about Roohi. Sharda says he went to washroom with Saransh. Saransh returns with popcorn and says Roohi didn’t accompany him. Rudra gets concerned for Roohi and goes in search of her. Preesha tries to open the lock with her hair pain. Roohi panics seeing a rat. Preesha keeps her busy in chat and says rat will not harm her as its Ganeshji’s vehicle mushak. She finally opens the door. Roohi runs and hugs her emotionally.

Armaan notices Rudra with Saransh and Sharda searching for Roohi and thinks he needs to get Preesha out of here before Rudra notices here. Preesha tells Roohi that she is a brave girl. Roohi says she has gone on her. Preesha gets confused. Roohi says she means her mamma is brave like her. Preesha asks how she locked herself in a store room. Roohi says someone locked her there and repeatedly calls her mamma. Preesha feels connected to her and asks about her parents. Roohi says her papa is coming and requests to meet her papa. Preesha agrees. Roohi thanks god and thinks nobody can stops her parents from uniting now. Rudra continues to search for Roohi.

Vidyut walks to Pihu’s changing room and hugs her. She pushes him and shouts how dare she is. Vidyut says next is their play’s last part and he got emotional. Pihu warns him to stay away from her or else she will get him expelled from the college. Roohi asks Preesha to give her number as she wants to talk to her whenever she wants to. Preesha agrees and writes her number on Roohi’s hand. Roohi hears Rudra’s voice and says she is here. Rudra walks towards them when peons bring a poster between them. Roohi noticing Rudra’s shoes goes to bring him and says she wants to introduce him to someone. Rudra asks who. Roohi finds Preesha already gone.

Armaan drags Preesha from there. Preesha asks why did he bring him here. Armaan recalls how he did that and tells PReesha that they have a Mumbai flight in 2 hours. Preesha asks what about Pihu’s play. He says he cannot miss a client meeting. Preesha recalls Pihu informing her about Armaan making losses in his business because of their stay in Delhi.
She agrees to accompany him back to Mumbai. Rudra saks Roohi where she was. Sharda and Saransh joins them. Roohi says she felt ill suddenly and now she is fine, thinks mamma must have returned to auditorium to watch play, and insists them to return back to watch play. They head back to auditorium.

Play starts again. Vidyut and Pihu enact Romeo and Juliet, he enacts as consuming poison and dying, she stabs herself and tries to get blood effect on her dress. Vidyut recalls cutting Pihu’s dress strings to humiliate her in front of everyone to take revenge from her. Pihu gets tensed seeing her dress opening and thinks what should she do now. She tries to hold her dress with great difficulty while Vidyut grins lying on the floor. Raj rushes to Pihu’s rescue and holds her dress.
Precap: Pihu files a police complaint against Vidyut for his heinous act. Vidyut rudely apologizes her and asks her to take back complaint.
Preesha enters. Rudra is stunned to see Preesha and says he searched her everywhere.
He warns her to dare not touch her.


Update Credit to: MA

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