Yeh Hai Chahatein : Rudkrash Fir Se Bana Roohi’s Savior

Roohi excuses Yuvraj and leaves. Yuvraj fumes thinking both mother and daughter disappoint him and run away always, he needs to do some dhamaka now. Roohi returns to Rudra and asks him to be careful and not create any new problems. Party host switches off light to begin new year countdown. Roohi receives a gift and gets happy seeing crackers.

Yuvraj remembers sending crackers in a gift wrap to Roohi and thinks crackers can create a disaster here and help him get closer to Roohi and Preesha by rescuing them. Roohi lights up cracker and waits for it to burst. Yuvraj thinks it will burst if she goes closer. Rudra notices cracker burning near Roohi’s stomach, gets concerned for her, rushes and rescues her on time. Host announces happy new year just then. Yuvraj notices that and thinks who is this new hero who is spoiling his plan, he needs to find out.

Fire crackers misfire and create havoc. Preesha gets worried for Roohi and searches her. Rudra takes Roohi to a safe place. Roohi says her mamma is stuck, so she needs to go and rescue her. Rudra asks her to stay there and goes to rescue her mamma. He holds her a woman’s hand and senses Preesha’s presence.

Preesha also senses him. Mob pushes them away. Preesha reaches Roohi, emotionally hugs her, and takes her away. Rudra noticing that thanks god that Roohi left with her mother, he can search Preesha now. Mukhiya’s goons notice him and run behind to catch him. He hides and finding Preesha’s bangle thinks he is sure Preesha is somewhere around and he will find her at any cost. Preesha returns home and finds her bangle missing.

Next morning, Rudra goes to PC to call Bunty when he sees Mukhiya’s goons and hides. Goons check their jeep and drive away. Preesha while cooking remembers sensing Rudra in new year party. Roohi alerts her that roti is burning. Preesha then braids Roohi’s hair when Beena maasi informs her about a neighbor’s medical emergency and she leaves asking Roohi to braid her hair herself.

Bunty visits Khurana house and assures Sharda that Rudra is safe and fine. Sharda asks him to inform Rudra to return home soon as she, Vyjayanti, and Saransh are missing him. Bunty agrees and leaves when Rudra calls him and asks to return to Rothak immediately as he found Preesha and can prove that she is alive with her bangle. Bunty says he himself saw Preesha in hospital.

Rudra says it was a lie, he is sure that Preesha is alive. Bunty agrees to visit Rothak and thinks how is it possible that Preesha is alive. Saransh walks in. Bunty gets tensed and asks how are his studies going. Saransh asks why is he asking this. Bunty says he thought he heard his phone conversation. Saransh says he was listening to music and walks away. Bunty relaxes.

Roohi tries hard to braid her hair and thinks of seeking Rudra’s help. Rudra returns to storeroom and thanks good that Roohi didn’t see him going out. Roohi walks to him and insists to braid her hair like he braided his hair. He says its his new hairstyle and he just uses a rubber band. She insists. He braids her hair and sends her to school. Roohi’s schoolmates laugh on her seeing her weird hairstyle.

Precap: Sachi delivers food to Rudra and informs him that Roohi is angry on him as he braided hair wrongly. He micmics a joker and tries to cheer up Roohi. Preesha walks to store room hearing Roohi’s voice.

Update Credit to: MA

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