Yeh Hai Chahatein : Rudra Bana Party Planner

Roohi reaches school where her schoolmates laugh at her seeing her new hairstyle. She thinks why they are laughing at her. Two boys laugh on her and asks why she is having a goat hairstyle. Roohi scolds them and they bully her. Saachi rescues Roohi and shows her hair in mirror.

Roohi gets angry on laal tamatar/red tomato Rudra and walks towards home angry. Yuvraj stops her and asks why she is having a goat hairstyle today. Roohi says everyone are laughing on her because of it. He asks if her mother did this hairstyle. She says Ru.. Rupali. He asks if her secret friend attended new year party. She says when its a secret, why should she reveal it and walks away. He thinks choti chipkali/junior lizard is intelligent like her mother.

Rudra waits for Roohi. Saachi brings him dinner and says Roohi is angry on him as he changed Roohi hairstyle into a goat hairstyle. He asks how to calm her down. She says she calmed down with his sorry card last time, but this time she will not as she is humiliated. He enters Roohi’s room via window having a monkey makeup and enacts as monkey to cheer her up. She says she was humiliated because of her, so she will not forgive him.

Preesha returns home and hearing Roohi speaking to someone walks into her room to see her on bed. She asks if she is alone as she heard some uncle’s voice. Roohi says she had switched on radio. Preesha says she heard uncle’s voice for sure. Roohi asks if she is frightening her. Roohi says forget it and come out for dinner. Roohi remembers Rudra hearing footsteps and escaping via window. She thinks laal tamatar saved him today.

Next morning, Roohi visits Rudra with breakfast. Rudra wishes her goodmorning. Roohi says everyone taunted her because of him, especially mukhiya’s son Rohit. Rudra asks if concert was organized for Rohit’s birthday party. She says yes. He promises to make Rohit praise her in the evening and asks her to inform Rohit that he has a birthday surprise in a ground behind school.

Roohi informs Rohit same. Saachi hears their conversation and asks if she will celebrate Rohit’s birthday. Roohi says she will not and its laal tamatar’s idea. Rudra meets Bunty and asks him to organize a contest in Rothak and announce that a lady with most beautiful hands will get 1 lakh gift, that way he will find out Preesha via her bangle. Bunty asks what if Preesha doesn’t wear that bangle. Rudra says she will. Rudra agrees.

Preesha sees Roohi ready and if she is going out. Roohi says yes to Roohi’s birthday party. Preesha says his birthday is already over. She says he has organized party again with a magic show, so she wants to attend it with Saachi. Preesh agrees and sees her off. She then thinks of cleaning store room when she gets her patient’s call and leaves. Roohi returns to Rudra and asks how is she looking. He says like an angel.

Roohi remembers Preesha saying same, asks how will he escape mukhiya’s goons and reach the ground. He says he has made all the arrangements and will reach later. Party starts. Rohit enters with his friends. Roohi claps for him. Rohit says small goat made good decoration, where is his gift. Roohi laughs and she doesn’t know. He says he will break her if he doesn’t get his gift. Roohi hopes Rudra comes there soon. Rudra disguised as a Sardarji enters singing with a cake.

Precap: Preesha hears announcement of competition and decides to participate in it. She removes her bangle and enters competition venue. Rudra and Bunty look shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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