Yeh Hai Chahatein : Rudra Catches Sight of Preesha !

Rudra sings Shiddath movie’s song during concert while Preesha hiding watches him. Roohi and Saachi run to escape from guard. After his performance, fans shout once more. He says he is going to sing a song which he made for his love. He then sings his single originally made song till now Will You Marry Me… and notices Preesha among fans.

Preesha hides again and runs thinking she made a mistake by coming here and should reach home before Rudra finds him. Rudra thinks he needs to catch her and find out if she was Preesha. Fans surround him. Bunty thinks he should bring Rudra back on stage and rushes towards him when Roohi stops him and requests to save them from guard. Guard says they were sitting on a speaker. Roohi says she couldn’t see concert. Bunty asks her to stand aside stage and watch concert.

Rudra fights with guards and shouts to let him go. Bunty takes him to green room where Rudra says he saw Preesha. He says Preesha is dead and he must have seen someone else. Rudra insists that he saw Preesha for sure and insists to go and check. Sarpanch with his goons walk in and threaten Rudra to complete his concert. Rudra denies and says he will repay 4 times his given money and asks Bunty to handle him.

Sarpanch says he organized this concert for his son’s birthday and will not compromise. Bunty asks if Preesha Srinivasan stays in his village. Sarpanch denies and warns its a question of his dignity and hence Rudra has to complete concert or else he cannot go from there. Bunty convinces Rudra to finish his concert and then search Preesha. Rudra walks towards stage, pushes guards and runs away. Saachi falls down. Roohi gets angry and says she will not forgive Rudra for hurting her friend.

Preesha returns home and regrets attending Rudra’s concert. Rudra walks out thinking he saw Preesha for sure. Sarpanch’s goons catch him and insist to finish concert. Rudra says he will finish his important work and then complete concert. They pin him down. He overpowers them all, beats them, and escapes. They follow him in jeep. Roohi hides him and punishes goons with slingshot and honeybees and takes Rudra from there. Rudra says he is searching someone and will not go from here till he finds her. Roohi says he saved his life and and she saved his life in return. He says she is intelligent. She says she will give him an idea to find his missing person.

Precap: Roohi hides Rudra in her house’s backyward and showing sleeping Preesha says he can seek her mamma’s help if needed. Preesha wakes up. Rudra gets emotional seeing her.

Update Credit to: MA

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