Yeh Hai Chahatein : Rudra Heart Broken

Mishka asks Reshma about the murder she was talking about. Reshma says there was no murder at all and it was just a drama, her boyfriend Sunil was lured with money to do murder makeup. Mishka asks whose murder makeup. Reshma says Sania’s makeup who is alive, but she and Sunil are trapped in her murder case. Mishka is shocked and asks more details.

Reshma says Arman and Sania planned Sania’s murder drama to trap Rudra, but Preesha got trapped and went to jail. She explains in detail the whole incident happened in hotel and how Preesha died in an accident on the way to court. Mishka is amazed and thinks Arman and Sania are very intelligent, she should use this news in her favor.

Arman meets inspector Chautala. Chautala informs him that she is unable to trace Sunil. Arman says he got Sunil disappear and remembers waking up at 6:44 a.m. on hotel’s terrace and entering Sania’s room via bathroom where Sunil is already present. He asks Sunil to start makeup preparation, asks Sania to call Rudra, and then temporarily stopping Sania’s pulse and heartbeat via injection lets Sunil perform her murder makeup to trap Rudra in Sania’s murder case, then returns to bathroom and injures himself more. He then reveals how he bribed forensic lab expert and inspector to get Sania out of hospital morgue and changing postmortem report to 4 to 4:30 p.m.

Forensic lab expert gets confused and writes 4:30 to 5 a.m. Arman gets angry seeing that and orders him to change time, but expert says its impossible. He further remembers Sunil informing him about getting Rudra’s call and sending him out of city. Out of flashback, Arman gives her money and asks her to close Preesha’s case somehow. She agrees and wishes him to lead a happy life with Preesha.

Sharda gets worried for Rudra when he doesn’t return home. Khanna brings heavily inebriated Rudra home and informs that he got heavily inebriated in after concert party. Sharda scolds him and asks why didn’t he stop him. Khanna says Rudra was enjoying forgetting Preesha’s pain, so he let him drink. Rudra continues blabbering, and Khanna drops him to his room. Rudra then imagines Preesha returning him and saying Arman had hidden her, she escaped and returned to him. Sanam Teri Kasam.. song plays in the background.

Rudra asks if she is alive, why did she go away from her. He hugs her and says they will be together always. Sharda enters and seeing him hugging alcohol bottle asks what is happened. Rudra excitedly says Preesha returned, he then panics not finding him. Sharda says Preesha is gone. He falls asleep murmuring Preesha was with him even in concert. Next morning, Mishka takes jailer’s permission and calls Rudra thinking he will get her out of jail. Rudra picks call and asks why is she calling him. She says she has information and proof which will prove Preesha innocent. Rudra is shocked to hear that.

Precap: Rudra informs Sharda that Mishka called him and said she has information which will prove Preesha innocent. He meets Mishka who says she has Sunil’s girlfriend who revealed how Preesha was trapped in Sania’s murder and asks him to get her out of jail. He does. She reveals Sania is alive. Preesha acts as getting stomachache and seeks medicine. Guard gets her medicine.

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