Yeh Hai Chahatein : Rudra Preesha ki Aamna Saamna !

Rudra assures Roohi that he will rescue her from burning store room at any cost. Roohi says her eyes are burning. He feeds her water and ties wet cloth around her face to stop smoke from entering her mouth. He then wears blanket and tries to break open the door, but fails. Ishwar Allah Jitne bhi Rab han.. song plays in the background. He drapes blanket around Roohi and breaks open the door successfully this time. Roohi asks how will they cross the fire and go out.

Vyjayanti reaches Rothak market and seeing no one around questions a tea stall owner who says everyone have gone for lohri celebration. Rudra sees Roohi collapsing and thinks he will not let anything happen to her. Preesha with villagers throws water on fire and tries to set it off. Yuvrfaj joins her. Preesha tries to enter store room to save Roohi, but Yuvraj and Beena stop her. Preesha prays god to save Rudra and Roohi.

Rudra ties Roohi to his back, drapes a blanket around him, and runs out bearing fire. villagers rush to him and set off fire. Rudra is shocked to see Preesha in front of him and realizes he was right that he saw her in Rothak. They finally meet each other. Rudra then collapses. Preesha worried asks maasi to call ambulance. Mukhiya stops Preesha and asks why was she hiding a singer in her store room, he was searching the signer since many days, what is going between them.

Vyjayanti reaches lorhi venue next and doesn’t find anyone even there. She calls Bunty and asks where is he now. He says he is at home in Delhi and was about to sleep. She says she knows he is in Rothak and came here after proper investigation, she will seek police help if he doesn’t reveal truth. He gets afraid and sends her his location. She thinks why did Bunty take Preesha’s name and why Rudra is staying in Rothak since so many days.

Mukhiya alleges Preesha that she is having an affair with Rudra and is using her daughter for her benefit. Preesha warns her to dare not speak ill about her or Rudra and if something happens to Roohi, she will destroy him as a mother can be both a savior and a destroyer for her child; she will find out who set fire in store room and get them punished. She warns him that she will take Rudra and Roohi to hospital and he should dare try to stop her. Beena maasi says nobody will stop her and takes Rudra and Roohi to hospital.

Yuvraj feels disheartened seeing nalla Rudra and Preesha reuniting and thinks how will he stop them now. Vyjayanti meets Bunty and asks what is the secret behind Preesha which he and Rudra are hiding. Bunty says he should tell her half truth and says Rudra thought he saw Preesha in Rothak and hence stayed her. She asks if Preesha is alive. He says its Rudra’s imagination, he is staying here for a small kid Roohi whom he befriended a few days ago and promised to stay with her till lohri celebration. She says she is coming from lohri venue and there is nobody here. Preesha takes Roohi and Rudra to hospital.

Precap: Bunty questions villager why everyone are missing from lohri venue. Villager informs that everyone vent to check on a girl who was stuck in fire and rockstar Rudra saved her. Roohi tells Preesha that she sees her father in Rudra. Preesha panics seeing Rudra’s condition critical. Vjayanti enters ICU and informs that she is Rudra’s wife. Preesha is shocked to hear that.

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