Yeh Hai Chahatein : Rudra & Roohi Trapped !| Yuvraj Attacks Rudra !

Beena maasi calls Priya to participate in lohri pooja. Mukhiya sets lohri fire and villagers dance around it. Yuvraj thinks its the right time to get back to work and heads towards store room. Rudra waits for Roohi’s signal to reach lohri function venue, hears door knock and opens it thinking Roohi came.

Yuvraj hits his head from behind and sniff him chloroform from behind. Rudra falls unconscious. Yuvraj then video calls mukhiya and asks him to come over there and do whatever he wants with Rudra. Mukhiya with his goons reaches store room and gets happy seeing unconscious Rudra. Yuvraj asks what will he do now. Mukhiya says they will burn this store room and orders his goons to set fire and let Rudra burn alive. Yuvraj rejoices hearing that.

Roohi signals Rudra with a torch and when he doesn’t respond reaches store room to check and finds him unconscious on floor. Goons locks store room door from outside and set fire. Roohi tries to wake up Rudra and thinks he is acting. She gets afraid seeing fire and calls Preesha for help. Preesha senses Roohi in trouble and tells Beena maasi she should go and check.

Maasi says she must be playing somewhere around with Sachi. Preesha notices Saachi alone and asks where is Roohi. Saachi thinks she shouldn’t inform her that Roohi went to call Rudra and lies that she must be somewhere around. Preesha continues searching for Roohi. Mukhiya thinks he burnt Rudra alive for humiliating him in front of all villagers and leaves with his team. Saachi rushes to store room to call Roohi, gets afraid seeing fire, and rushes back to inform Preesha.

Roohi gets more afraid seeing fire increasing and pleads Rudra to wake up. She sees burning roof about to fall on Rudra and lies down on him to protect him. Rudra opens eyes and seeing falling log rescues her. Saachi informs Preesha that store room caught fire and Roohi is stuck in it.

Preesha with villagers rushes to store room. Yuvraj gets disappointed seeing his plan failing and gets worried for Roohi. He scolds mukhiya and his goons for not checking before setting fire and says his name shouldn’t come in this scandal. Mukhiya says its good that Rudra and Roohi are dying. Yuvraj says Roohi’s mother will not spare and will send them to jail. Mukhiya says he will drag Yuvraj along if he is caught. Preesha tries to enter store room, but villagers stop her. Rudra panics seeing fire and thinks of rescuing her out somehow.

Precap: Rudra rescues Roohi risking his life and gets happy seeing Preesha.

Update Credit to: MA

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