Yeh Hai Chahatein : Rudraksh Bana Ruhi ki Santa Claus !

Roohi’s teacher asks Yuvraj/Raj who is he. He says Roohi is his daughter, he means like daughter as her mother is his friend, he will relay her information to Roohi’s mother. She says Roohi is not studying well. He says how will she when goons barged into her house and troubled her. She gets concerned and asks Roohi to study well. He promises to teach Roohi. She walks away. He then pampers Roohi and says she need not worry as he is her father, means he wants to be her father.

Roohi promises to convince her mamma to marry him as he can be her best papa. He gets happy and asks how will she do it as her mother is adamant. She says she will plan his and mamma’s date where they both can spend time alone and reconcile their differences. He gets more happy and thinks he had to work so hard to convince junior and senior chipkalis/lizards Roohi and Preesha.

Roohi visits Rudra and describes him how good Raj uncle is and her plan to send mamma and Raj uncle on a date tonight. Rudra says she need not worry as their differences will clear when they meet alone. Roohi says she will go home right now and convince mamma for a date. She gets out Preesha’s sari and jewelry and says there is a Christmas party at school and she wants her mamma to look beautiful. Preesha says okay naani maa. Roohi says even ru.. Ruhana teacher calls her naani maa.

Preesha thinks she should meet Ruhana teacher once. Roohi takes her to park and reveals that she brought her on a date with Raj uncle. Yuvraj walks in. Roohi says she wants them to speak and clear their differences. Preesha gets angry. Yuvraj says she should respect her daughter’s wish to make her happy. Preesha agrees. Roohi says she will go now to Saachi’s Christmas party and asks Preesha not to go away once she leaves. Preesha stands fuming at Yuvraj.

Roohi returns to Rudra and says her mamma and Raj uncle are together now. Rudra rejoices. She crosses her finger and wishes that her mamma and Raj uncle reunite. Rudra says he prayed god to fulfill her wish. She says she will go to Saachi’s Christmas party now. He asks what will he do here alone. She gets an idea and takes him along disguised as santa. Saachi and friends get happy seeing Santa.

Roohi reveals he is Rudra and goes into flashback where she gets him ready as Santa. Children happily dance with Santa. Saachi seeks gift from Santa. Rudra gets an idea and says they will play games and whoever wins will get gifts. Children happily play games with him. Roohi prays god to clear Raj uncle and mamma’s differences. Yuvraj asks Preesha to speak and stop acting as if he is her enemy. She says he is her enemy.

Precap: Rudra tells Roohi that she looks like Preesha whenever she gets angry. Preesha walks towards Saachi’s house to pick up Roohi. Rudra feels he is related to Roohi somehow. Preesdha clashes with him in dark.

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