Yeh Hai Chahatein : Rudraksh Escapes !

Bunty asks Rudra to get out of hospital before anyone identifies him. Rudra asks about Roohi’s mother and denies to leave without meeting Imlie. Mukhiya and his goons walk in. Bunty takes Rudra away seeing them. Yuvraj clashes with mukhiya. Mukhiya asks where is the singer. Yuvraj says he is sitting on bench. Mukhiya asks if he escaped seeing him. Yuvraj says yes, but he must not have gone far away. Mukhiya orders his goons to make sure Rudra does not escape.

Rudra hides in Preesha’s room. Preesha freshening up in bathroom hopes Bunty must have taken Rudra from there. Rudra notices patient in bathroom and hides under bed. Preesha returns to her bed. Rudra thinks patient is sleeping and tries to get out, but hides again seeing nurse walking in. Nurse takes Preesha for a brain scan. Rudra feels her presence, but walks out of room once they walk out.

Bunty notices Roohi with Beena maasi and Sachi and signals her. Roohi tells Sachi that someone is calling her. They notice Bunty, send Beena away, and walk to Bunty. Bunty says mukhiya and his goons are here searching Rudra, they should rescue Bunty before goons catch him. Roohi gets an idea, gives him mask, and gets him out of room. Mukhiya’s goons inform him that they couldn’t find singer here.

Mukhiya asks Yuvraj if he is playing a game. Yuvraj says he sent him Rudra’s photo and says if nobody saw Rudra going out of hospital, then he is definitely here and they should search him. Rudra notices Roohi and calls her. Roohi asks where was he, they should escape before mukhiya’s goons catch him. Goons notice them and run behind them. They fool goons and hide. Rudra gets out via window promising to meet Roohi again soon.

Doctor checks Preesha’s MRI scan and says she is fine, but needs to stay overnight under observation. Preesha asks how will she make lohri festival arrangement. Beena says she will. Preesha then asks who will take care of Roohi. Yuvraj say she will and insists. Preesha says Roohi will be with Beena maasi. Yuvraj walks out yelling when mukhiya’s goons trash him brutally for fooling them. Rudra insists Bunty to let him stay overnight with Roohi as Preesha is in hospital.

Bunty denies at first but then agrees worried for Roohi. Roohi returns home and asks Been maasi when will mamma come. Beena says soon and asks her to be with Saachi till she goes and gives tiffin to Birju. Once she leaves, Rudra walks in. Roohi emotionally hugs him and cries. Ishwar Allah Jitne Bhi Rab Hain.. song plays in the background. Rudra asks when will mamma come. Rudra says tomorrow. She requests to stay back with him. He says he came for same but only for today. Roohi asks what will she say maasi. Saachi says she will say Roohi will stay with her. Roohi rejoices.

Rudra sends Bunty to guest house and plays with Roohi in store room. Saachi brings dinner for them. Roohi says she doesn’t want to have food without mamma, so Rudra can. Rudra acts as getting severe stomachache due to hunger and says he cannot have food until Roohi Choohi doesn’t have food. Roohi agrees and says he learnt acting at last. They all three laugh and feed each other.

Precap: Roohi sees Preesha’s bangle with Rudra and says its her mamma’s. Rudra decides to meet Roohi’s mother. Yuvraj hits his head from behind and hands him over to mukhiya. Mukhiya decides to burn him alive and sets fire in store room. Roohi walks in to check on Rudra and pleads him to wake up and get out. Rudra sees a burning log falling on Rudra and bears it on himself.

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