Yeh Hai Chahatein : Rudraksh Gets Concerned About Saransh

Preesha searches Rudra and finds him crying in Saransh’s rom looking at his pic. She asks what is he doing here. He says he is missing Saransh. She laughs and says its not even 24 hours since Saransh left, he will return in 2 days, so he should stop crying. She asks how can she not react being a mother. She says she is also a wife and wants to spent romantic time with her husband as there is no one to disturb them. She kisses his cheek. He gets romantic and lies over her on bed. Ke Raataon Lambiya Lambiya re.. song plays in the background. He gets a call.

Preesha asks him to pick it as it may be Saransh’s. He picks call, Saransh speaks and sneezes acting as having severe cold, and he worried says he is coming there right now. He scolds Preesha for sending Saransh to camp against his wish and forcefully takes her along without listening to her. Saransh tells his friends that he doesn’t lie, Rudra is his father and is coming to meet him.

Rudra drives car fast. Preesha asks him to slow down and plays music. He says just like they used to fight he saw Mishka and Param fighting. She asks if he thinks even they will fall in love like us. He says even their love started with a fight. She says she is worried for appa and amma as appa lied to amma. GPS gets a call from Radha at midnight and rushes to get ready to meet her.

Preesha tells Rudra that she feels appa is hiding something from amma and explains all the incidents. Rudra says appa cannot do that. She says even she feels so, but he goes somewhere else in lieu of meeting Subbu uncle. He says appa will never do wrong, truth will be out over time, he is sure appa will never hurt amma and Preesha. GPS gets ready and leaves room. Vasu wakes up and thinks she is sure he went to meet a woman and she needs to find out whom he is meeting. He leaves in a cab, and she follows him in auto.

Rudra and Preesha reach Saransh’s camp venue. Saransh’s friends are amazed to see Rudra. Rudra shows his concern for Saransh. Saransh acts as coughing. Preesha asks him to stop lying as she is a doctor and knows he is acting. Saransh accepts and says his friends were not believing that Rudra is his dad, hence he had to act to call him here. Preesha says she taught him not to lie.

Rudra says if he had asked him, he would have come anyways. Teachers offer a tent for Rudra, Preesha, and Saransh. Preesha says Saransh will sleep in his tent. Saransh agrees. They both enter tent and lie on bed. Rudra says god gave them a chance to finish their suhagraat here. Saransh enters with his bestfriend Vidhi and introduces her to them. They say they felt good meeting him. Saransh says Vidhi protected him when other kids bullied him. Preesha says Vidhi is brave. Vidhi says even Saransh is brave. Teachers walk in and ask Vidhi Aneja and Saransh Khurana to return to their tents. Rudra asks Vidhi if she knows Param Aneja. She says he is her chachu/uncle. He says he knows Param as they are business partners, he will inform Param tomorrow that he met Vidhi.

GPS reaches a Radha’s house. VAsu watches them hiding and thinks why did GPS come to this woman at night. GPS hugs Radha and she closes door. Vasu is shocked to see that and thinks who is this woman whom GPS hugged, he lied that he met Subbu and came here instead. She rings bell. GPS opens door and is shocked to see him. She angrily asks him to call that woman. Radha walks out and asks who is she to barge in her house and shout. Vasu says she is GPS’ wife and they are married for 30 years. Radha says GPS loves her and himself came to her. Vasu picks knife and stabs her.

Precap: Vidhi falls down while playing. Rudra calls Param and asks him to come at his sent location as he has a surprise for him. Param reaches there, gets angry seeing Vidhi, and says he doesn’t want to see her face. GPS lies to Vasu that he went out last night as his friend got a heart attack. Later she notices money being transferred to Radha from GPS’ account.

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