Yeh Hai Chahatein : Rudraksh ki Sooyi Atki Venky Par

Mishka walks down for mehandi ceremony wearing a red dress. Param gets mesmerized with her beauty and says red is his favorite color. Mishka says she didn’t want to wear it and thanks Preesha for convincing her to wear it. Preesha says she should be happy that Param is happy. Vasu makes Param and Mishka sit for mehandi ritual. Rudra gets romantic with Preesha and says they should celebrate their wedding every year with proper rituals. She shies away. Mehandi ritual starts. Vidhi writes P on Mishka’s hand and M on Param’s hand followed by Sharda and Vasu applying mehandi to them. Mehandi Hai Rachnewali.. song plays in the background.

Venky gets angry seeing Preesha supporting Mishka and thinks his sister is supporting Mishka who ruined his life, he should go and get the scissor which he used to tear Mishka’s dress before anyone notices it. He rushes to Mishka’s room and bringing scissors from there puts it in a sweet box and throws it in a kitchen dustbin hearing servants discussing about dumping kitchen garbage. Watchman and technician inform Rudra that they got CCTV footage of whole house as per his order. Rudra says he wants to catch a culprit who spoilt Mishka’s dress and asks them to bring it soon.

Rudra then walks down to Preesha and insists her to apply mehandi on her hands. She says she is busy. He says he has hired many people to work. She says she can’t now and walks to Sharda. Mishka calls her next. Rudra walks to her and dragging her aside insists her to apply mehandi right now as he wants to see his name in her hands and wants to check mehandi color and find out how much she loves him.

She says he doesn’t need mehandi to judge her love for him and walks away. His fan take him aside and get busy. She searches him and gets jealous seeing him with girls, sees something in his hands and insists to show it. He shows Rusha written on his hand. She gets happy. He says this is the best way to express his love for his wife. Girls says Preesha is lucky to have such a loving husband. Preesha also writes Rusha on her and matching it with Rudra’s hand says whole world should know how much she loves her hubby. Guard informs Rudra that footage is ready.

Rudra checks footage. Watchman says nobody entered house from outside. Servant says he found a scissor in sweet box in kitchen dustbin. Rudra checks and finds Mishka’s dress piece stuck in scissors. He checks footage and is shocked to see Venky dumping scissors in dustbin and thinks of confronting him Venky is busy dancing when he takes him aside and asks why did he do this. Venky asks what did he do. Rudra shows sweet box. Venky gets tensed, acts, and asks what is this.

Rudra shows his CCTV footage and asks why did he dump that box in dustbin. Venky says he dumped empty box in dustbin. Rudra shows him scissors and asks why did he spoil lehanga with scissors and dumped box in dustbin. Venky denies. Rudra says he will inform Preesha about it. Venky asks if she will trust him. Rudra asks what does he mean. Venky says scissor is not seen in CCTV footage, so Preesha will not trust him like Rubik cube issue. Rudra realizes Venky going rogue and thinks he needs to use Venky’s tactic to catch him, says he is right and walks out thinking Venky got well and he needs to find out what is Venky up to. Venky thinks Rudra is intelligent than he thought, but Rudra cannot stop him or find out what will he do next.

Precap: Rudra calls Dr. Radha and says he wants to talk about Venky. Preesha hears their conversation. Rudra gets Venky’s reports from Dr. Radha and returns home thinking of showing reports to everyone and reveal that Venky is normal now.

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