Yeh Hai Chahatein : Ruhi Aur Rudra ki Kismat Konnection

Goons kidnap Roohi. Yuvraj fights with goons and rescues Roohi. Roohi happily hugs and thanks him for saving her. He says he will not let anything happen to her and thinks his plan is working, this choti chipkali/junior lizard will make him her father for sure. He reminisces hiring goon to execute this plan and remembers Roohi discussing with Sachi that she needs a father who can truly take care of her and her mamma.

Out of flashback, he says he loves her and her mamma and nobody can trouble them until he is with them. He lifts her on shoulders remembering Roohi’s wish and says he always wanted a tiny daughter like her. She says even she wanted same. He then buys her ice cream signaling at ice cream vendor, enjoys ice cream with her, fixes her shoes, showers his fake love on her, and thinks choti chipkali easy trusts everyone like badi chipkali and he will trap badi chipkali via this choti chipkali. He then drops her home. She thinks she wanted a papa like him. He rejoices and thinks his plan worked well, now he will get badi chipkali via choti chipkali soon.

Roohi returns home happily and thinks of informing this good news to laal tamatar/red tomato Rudra. She sees Rudra’s sorry card and thinks she should meet him right now. She walks into store room where Rudra jokes with her and asks why did she come there. She says she saw his sorry card. They play for sometime and then she informs that she found a good papa in Raj/Yuvraj uncle.

Rudra says Raj is a fraud. She describes how Raj saved her from goons, carried her on shoulders, bought her ice cream, etc., and says he looks like a perfect dad for her. Rudra thinks she is so cute, he wanted a daughter like her, and if fate was in his favor, he would have been her father. She says mamma is angry on Raj, so he should help her reconcile their differences. He says they should lock her mamma and Raj in a room and let them speak and clear their differences. She says its a good idea, but mamma will not agree. He says she should take them on a date and explains what date is. She says mamma will never agree. He says she should take them out uninformed. She likes his idea and kisses his cheek, says she will do as he said. She then remembers Preesha and rushes back home. He thinks she is a cute kid and prays god to fulfill her wish.

At night during dinner, Roohi asks what should she do if 2 friends fight. Preesha asks who fought. Roohi thinks Saachi and Anu fought, how should she reconcile their differences. Preesha says she should make them talk and clear their differences. Roohi says its also Ru.. Ruhana madam’s idea. Preesha says its good.

Next morning, Roohi attends school. Teacher informs Roohi that she scored low in test, so she should call her mamma. Yuvraj says there is no need for that and introduces himself as Roohi’s father.

Precap: Roohi invites Rudra for Saachi’s party. Rudra disguises as Santa and attends party. Later, he clashes with Preesha in dark.

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