Yeh Hai Chahatein : Ruhi Gives Ad Seeking Best Hubby for Preesha !

Roohi reaches radio FM office and tells receptionist that she wants to give an ad. Receptionist asks who let her in, if she came with her parents. She says she came alone and wants to give an ad for her mamma’s best hubby as she is alone. Receptionist gets angry and warns her to leave.

RJ notices Roohi and takes her to broadcast room and asks what she wants to say. Roohi says her mamma is alone and wants a best hubby to take care of her. He starts his show and asks Roohi to relay her ad. Roohi relays her ad. RJ asks audience to help Roohi find a better half for her mamma and a responsible father for herself. Roohi thanks him and offers her piggy bank. He says its a gift for her and hopes she gets a father soon.

Roohi returns home and informs Rudra about her ad. He plays with her and thinks he is happy after a long time because of nanima. Roohi before leaving for school sings Rudra’s one time wonder song. Preesha remembers returning from hospital tired and Rudra romantically singing same song for her. She says she is tired. He says his kiss will clear her tiredness. She says one kiss is not enough. He gives her multiple kisses. Out of flashback, Preesha asks Roohi to go to school now. Roohi says she has a surprise for her tonight and leaves. Preesha thinks she spent 5 years with Roohi’s help or else it would have been tough for her.

Preesha reaches clinic. Beena maasi says there is a long que of only male patients outside. Preesha asks to send patients in. An old man walks in. She asks asks is hsi problem. He says love and insists to marry him. She gets angry and shoos him away. An overly obese man walks in next and talks about their wedding. Preesha shoos him away. A midget walks in next followed by many others. She gets confused. A last man makes her hear Roohi’s ad. Preesha gets angry on Roohi and goes to shoo away all the men.

Mukhiya notices men outside clinic and thinks of pestering her. Preesha apologizes men for the misunderstanding and sends them away. She then gets angry on Roohi. Beena maasi requests not to punish a kid. Preesha says she has to explain her. Roohi returns home thinking there is a good news awaiting for her. Preesha asks why did she do that.

Roohi says she thought she needs a hubby. Preesha says because of her mistake, there was a line of men outside her clinic; who thought her all this. Roohi says she heard Beena maasi telling that mamma is alone and needs someone to support her. Preesha says she doesn’t need any support. Roohi says she needs both mamma and daddy.

Precap: Rudra sees Mukhiya’s goons throwing Preesha’s house stuff out and beats them. Preesha returns and asks who did this. Someone enters and says he did it.

Update Credit to: MA

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