Yeh Hai Chahatein : Ruhi’s Surprise For Rudra & Preesha !

Roohi requests Yuvraj to take her for shopping. Yuvraj asks why don’t she go with her mamma. Roohi says she needs to shop for someone else and requests to take her for shopping right now. He takes her to boutique where she orders jacket and jeans of Yuvraj’s size.

Yuvraj says he didn’t know she wanted to surprise him. She says its for her another secret friend. He asks how many secret friends she has. She says many and suggests him to bring another aunty along for new party to make mamma jealous and reconcile her differences with him. He likes her idea and thinks chipkali/Preesha’s own daughter is her enemy now.

Preesha gets Roohi ready for party, and Roohi insists Preesha also to get ready. Preesha gets ready. Roohi says her mamma is looking beautiful like her. Beena maasi walks in and gifts bangles to Preesha. Preesha hesitantly accepts them and finds them loose.

Beena maasi asks her to wear them for party, she will get them exchanged tomorrow. Roohi thinking of meeting Rudra says she is getting late for party and walks away alone. She gifts a jacket and jeans to Rudra and takes him to party. Rudra gets excited seeing a colorful party. She asks him to hide somewhere before Mukhiya’s goons see him and hides him at a cart.

Rudra hopes he meets Preesha during party. Roohi walks back to him and seeing a breaking star asks him to wish something. Rudra wishes he meets his lady love. Roohi wishes mamma accepts Raj uncle and Raj uncle becomes her papa. They both hope their wishes are fulfilled. Roohi notices Preesha and hides Rudra. She then walks to Preesha and shows Raj uncle entering with an aunty. Yuvraj remembers hiring a professional actor to act as his girlfriend. Preesha reminds him what he told in clinic. He says he remembers everything and introduces his girlfriend Sonali to her.

Party starts. Roohi asks Yuvraj to dance with aunty. He goes on dance floor. Roohi thinks why mamma is not reacting seeing Raj uncle with another woman. Rudra notices mukhiya’s goons and clashes with Yuvraj while running away. Yuvraj thinks who was he who didn’t even apologize. He notices him wearing Roohi’s bought jacket and walks towards him when mukhiya’s goons bully him and ask if he came with doctor. He says he came with his girlfriend, introduces his girlfriend, and jokes on them instead. Couple dance starts. Roohi thinks why mamma is not getting jealous at all. Rudra and Preesha imagine dancing with each other on Shiddath movie’s song.

Precap: Mukhiya’s goons notice Rudra with Roohi and inform him. Mukhiya orders them to catch Rudra. Saachi hears them and alerts Rudra. Roohi hides Rudra in a sari. Preesha walks towards them.

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