Yeh Hai Chahatein : RuSha Enjoy Their Pregnancy Time ; Revati Shadows Preesha

Rudra calls Preesha to a Lamaze class and says they will learn how to handle pregnancy and baby. Preesha says she is a doctor and knows all. He insists to learn everything and requests her to join the class for his sake. She agrees. Teacher teaches them breathing exercises. He does them wrongly.

Preesha asks him to slow down. He fails to understand due to nervousness and walks out of frustration. She walks behind him. He says he wants to help her this time as he couldn’t during Ruhi’s pregnancy and he couldn’t even tie Ruhi’s laces. She says she loves him the way he is and teaches him proper breathing technique.

After some time, Rudra takes Preesha on a date and asks if its super romantic. She says its boring and she knew he would do same. They both return home and notices bedings in the living room. Sharda says Revati told there are bedbugs in her room, so she is getting pest control. Preesha notices Revati smirking and thinks Revati is up to something. Preesha slips on a wet floor. Revati rushes and keeps a mattress under her, saving her on time. Rudra thanks Revati for saving Preesha and baby’s lives. Revati asks him to take Preesha to the room and rest.

Once they leave, Revati thinks poor Rudra doesn’t know that she preplanned everything to make Preesha fall and then saving her on time and stopping her from visiting the concert. She thinks Preesha must be upset with this accident and doesn’t know what’s in store for her. She convinces Rudra not to let Preesha attend the concert saying there would be an unmanageable crowd and Preesha may get hurt again. Rudra thanks her for showing her concern for Preesha and assures her that Preesha will not attend the concert.

In the evening, he gets ready and asks Preesha not to attend the concert as there would be huge crowd and she may feel uncomfortable. Preesha thanks him and says she was feeling tired anyways. Ruhi and Saransh walk in with Sharda and Revati and ask Preesha if she is not yet ready. She says she is feeling tired and would rest at home. Sharda says she will stay back with Preesha, but Preesha insists her not to attend it. Family leaves. Revati thinks Preesha will not rest now. Armaan calls Preesha and asks if she can to come to the hotel as Anvi saw him coughing up blood and he had to reveal her truth. Preesha agrees to visit him. Armaan smirks.

Revati praises Rudra’s performance and says he performed well even after last minute preparation. Rudra says he is always prepared and looks concerned. Revati asks reason. Rudra says Preesha’s phone is not reachable. Revati asks him not to worry as she installed tracker in Preesha’s mobile as she is worried for her. He thanks her again. She checks Preesha’s location and says Preesha is at Regency Hotel. Rudra says its impossible and checks the location.

Revati shows her fake concern for Preesha and asks him to call Preesha and switch on the speaker. He calls and it gets disconnected. Revati says Preesha has blocked his number as she handles these kind of cases regularly. Rudra says he doesn’t know and should question Preesha. She suggests him to visit Regency Hotel and find out and insists to accompany him. He agrees. She recalls how she installed a tracker app in Preesha’s mobile and blocked Rudra’s number.


Precap: Rudra is shocked to see Preesha hugging Revati and scolds her. Preesha confronts Revati, and Rudra scolds her for doubting her. Preesha then reveals that Revati has kidnapped GPS and takes him to the store room.

Update Credit to: MA 

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