Yeh Hai Chahatein : Samrat Comes to Know About Mansi & Aliya’s Plotting !

Aaliya gets intoxicated after having thandai/cold beverage. Mansi realizes Aaliya by mistake consumed bhang mixed thandai instead of Nayan. Chintu and Prem laugh seeing her condition and recall seeing Mansi mixing bhang in thandai and ordering servant to make sure only Nayan drinks it. They trick servant and replace glass.

Out of flashback, they continue to laugh standing at a distance. Mansi tries to control Aaliya and take her from there. Aaliya says she wants to see Nayan’s drama. Mansi drags her from there to home.

Aaliya resists and warns her to stop dragging her. Mansi warns her to shut up. Aaliya gets angry and reveals how she helped her delete CCTV footage and pushed Nayan into water tank, etc. She says Mansi is nothing without her. Samrat hears their conversation and realizes that Nayan was right. He informs about it to Mohit. Mohit says he already told him about Aaliya. Sam says he still loves Aaliya and is shocked that Aaliya supported Mansi even after knowing that she did to him. Mohit says let us confront them right now.

Sam says let us wait till they find out why Mansi’s intentions. Aaliya wakes up in the morning feeling lightheaded. Mansi says its a hangover and informs her what she did yesterday. She says if Sam had listened to their conversation, he would have kicked her out of the house. Aaliya asks what is her next plan. Mansi asks her to wait and watch.

Sam walks to Nayan and says holi colors are not fading away from him body. Nayan suggests him to use coconut oil. Sam says he hates coconut oil smell. She describes usage and importance of coconut and its products in daily life. He asks her to apply it on him as he can’t bear its smell. She asks why should she.

He says she was just acting as a brand ambassador of coconut, so she should help him. Their nok jhok continues. She agrees and applies coconut oil on his body. They feel connected to each other. Dil Sambhaljaa Zaraa… song plays in the background.

After some time, Sam walks in corridor. Mansi purposefully bumps on him and apologizes. She then acts as feeling her baby kick and forcefully keeps his hand on her stomach to experience it. Sam pulls off his hand and says he can’t sense anything. Mansi swears she can and says he missed such experience when she was pregnant with Prem.

She says Prem wants a normal life with both his parents’ presence, so she wants to return to him for Prem’s sake. Sam says he will think about it. Mansi insists he should. Servant informs him that IT officers have come. Sam walks down. IT officers say they got a tip that he evaded income tax and his hiding cash in his house, so they came search his house.

Precap: IT officer says they got a tip that Samrat evaded tax and hid money inside his home. Sam tells family that he didn’t evade taxes, officers will not get anything here. Officers find money in Samrat’s room.

Update Credit to: MA

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