Yeh Hai Chahatein : Samrat Gets Protective of Nayan !

Samrat’s photoshoot starts. Nayan walks in wearing a short dress, pulling her dress down feeling uncomfortable. Photographer mesmerized with her beauty says she is looks beautiful, who is she? Sam says she is his wife. He walks to her and why is she pulling the dress down. Nayan says she is feeling uncomfortable and wants to change. Sam warns her not to until photoshoot completes. Photographer asks Sam to hurry up as they are getting late. Sam pulls Nayan with her and poses with her and other young models.

Prem notices Nayan feeling uncomfortable and requests Revati to let Nayan maa go. Revati says Nayan needs punishment for torturing Sam and asks him to sit silently. Prem says he needs to protect his Nayan maa from embarrassment. He pulls curtain and says he will give it to Nayan. Revati tries to stop him. He bites her hand and runs out. Photographer touches Nayan inappropriately. Nayan asks why is he touching her. Prem warns photographer not to touch his wife. Photographer asks him not to act as a typical possessive husband.

Prem runs in warning him not to touch his mother and gives curtain to Nayan. Nayan drapes it over her. Prem says they shouldn’t force his mother if she is feeling uncomfortable. Revati rushes behind Prem. Photographer asks who is this child who is disturbing their shoot. Sam says maybe he is his staff’s son. Photographer asks why he is calling Nayan as maa. Revati says he is an orphan and emotionally connected to Nayan.

Ishani with her team gives dance audition in front of Raghav and Mansi for a music album. Raghav falls for her beauty and lustfully gazes at her. Mansi sensing his intention stops audition and tries to announce the candidates she selected. Raghav stops her and selects Ishani as a lead dancer and shakes hands with her. Mansi feels jealous. Prem feels sad describing Sam’s behavior towards him. Nayan thinks she needs to clear the differences between father and son. She walks to Samrat and asks him to attend Prem’s parent-teacher meeting. Sam refuses and shouts at her to attend it herself.

Ishani informs Mohit that she got a job as a lead dancer in Raghav’s company. Mohit warns her to stay away from Raghav as he is the one who snatched Mansi from Sam and is an womanizer. Ishani says she doesn’t care what Sam went through and would be careful though. Next morning, Nayan asks Sam to accompany her to Prem’s school for PTM. Sam refuses and starts fighting. A court representative visits them to check if Prem is okay. Nayan says Sam takes good care of Prem and assures him that Prem is fine. Officer leaves. Sam and Nayan’s argument starts again.

Precap: Sam calls Nayan and seeks help from her. Revati scolds her aide for failing to kill Mohit and Ishani and says she is stuck because of him. Malati records their conversation. Nayan and Sam return home and find Malati dead.

Update Credit to: MA

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