Yeh Hai Chahatein : Samrat & Nayantara Celebrate Holi !

Samrat tells Prem that he will enjoy color Nayantara today. Prem says Nayan will not let him color her as she is still angry on him. Sam says he is a rockstar, girls are mad behind him, he knows how to calm down Nayan. Holi party starts. Malati praises Nayan for holi arrangments. Mansi shows bhang tablet and tells Aaliya she will mix it in Nayan’s juice and then she will play holi with Samrat.

Nayan calls Ishani as kanna. Ishani feels happy hearing Nayan calling her childhood name and says she looks too happy. Nayan says its a festival. Ishani tries to color Nayan. Sam stops her and says he will apply color to his wife first. He walks to Nayan and tries to color her. Nayan stops him and threatens to spray a pepper spray on him if he ever colors her. Sam stands afraid.

Prem and Chintu taunt him that he failed. Sam challenges again that he will color Nayan at any cost. Malati wishes him happy holi. He thanks herr and calls her aunty. Malati says when he considers Nayan as his wife, he should consider Nayan’s mother as his mother. He says thank you amma. She gifts him a gold chain and says its a custom to gift something to SIL and he can’t say no.

He accepts her chain. Malati tells Nayan that Sam is a nice boy, she gifted him chain and he accepted it, she considers him as her son now. Nayan notices her bangles missing and questions her. Malati hesitantly accepts that she sold her bangles to bu gold chain for Sam. Sam hears their conversationn.

Ishani wishes happy holi to Mohit and asks if they can forget everything and start afresh. Mohit recalls Raghav’s words that he shared bed with Ishani with her consent and stops. Prem and Chintu spray color water on them and divert their attention. Samrat’s friends notice Nayan without holi colors and try to color her.

Sam sprays water on them and says only he will color his wife first. He applies color to Nayan in a sensual way. Ang Lagade Re.. song plays in the background. Mansi gets jealous seeing that. They both dance on Badri Ki Dulhaniya.. song next with whole family. Samrat then orders servant to bring thandai.

Mansi gets more jealous seeing their chemistry. She mixes bhang in thandai glass and orders servant to give that glass only to Nayan. Nayan drinks thandai and behaves normally. Mansi gets suspicious. Aaliya starts acting weird. Mansi realizes Aaliya took that glass instead. Drama continues..

Precap: Mansi tries to shut up intoxicated Aaliya. Aaliya reveals that she helped Mansi in deleting CCTV footage and pushing Nayan into water tank. Samrat hears that and tells Mohit that he found out who is helping Mansi and why Mansi is here. Income tax officers raid Samrat’s house and seek everyone’s mobile.

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