Yeh Hai Chahatein : Samrat Saves Nayantara !

Mansi tells Samrat its okay if Nayantara is not here and should perform pooja on time without missing a muhurat, Nayan is irresponsible and should have come if she really valued pooja. Ishani says Nayan is never irresponsible, the shouldn’t perform pooja until she comes. Samrat says Ishani is right and goes to call Nayan. Nayana stuck in water tanks calls everyone for help.

Sam searches whole house and doesn’t find her, fears if she is fine. He walks to terrace and searches for Nayan and is about to leave when he hears sound from water tank. He climbs up and notices Nayan’s sari. He realizes Nayan is inside water tank, opens lids and finds her struggling for life. He jumps into water tank and rescues her up. He then pumps her stomach to get water out of her body. Nayan opens eyes. Sam takes her down.

After some time, Malati says she can’t understand how Nayan fell into water tank. Ishani and Sam ask what was she doing at water tank. Nayan says someone pushed her into water tank. Sam asks who is that. Nayan says who else than Mansi. Mansi refuses. Nayan says she had gone near water tank to check why plumber blocked bathroom’s water supply, Nayan pushed her into water tank and closed the lid. Mansi cries that she is pregnant and is not a superwoman to climb water tank, push Nayan into water tank, and join everyone for pooja.

Samrat says Mansi was with them, someone else would have pushed Nayan. Mansi says Nayan herself must have fallen into water tank to wrongly accuse her. Ishani and Mohit says Nayan would never do that. Sam also says same. Mansi asks Sam to explain her Nayan to stop accusing her and leaves from there. Sam asks everyone to go while he gets Nayan down. He tells Nayan that maybe her sari got stuck and she slipped and fell into water tank. Nayan says she is not a kid to do that. Sam says let us forget it and perform pooja first.

Nayan and Sam perform holika dahan pooja and set fire. Nayan thinks she knows Mansi is playing this cheap game, she needs to catch her red handed and expose her or else Samrat will not believe her. Sam thinks he can’t let anything wrong happen to Nayan again. After pooja, Mohit asks Sam if he is worried for Nayan. Sam says yes. Mohit says its good that he is worried for Nayan. Sam says he knows Nayan is not lying. Mohit says Mansi can’t push Nayan into watertank as she was with them for pooja. Sam says someone else is helping Mansi and they need to find out who is that.

After some time, Nayan goes up to make Prem sleep and finds him and Chintu playing with Sam. She asks what is happening. Sam says they are preparing for holi celebration tomorrow and asks her to join them. Prem also calls her. Nayan says its time to sleep and throws water ballons on Sam. She threatens Prem and Chintu if she should throw balloons on even them. They nod no. Nayan asks them to go and sleep then. Prem says he will come in 2 minutes and asks Sam what will he do now to calm down Nayan.

Sam says girls vouch for his smile, he knows what to do. On the other side, Mansi thanks Aaliya for saving her. Aaliya says she is doing all this to take revenge from Nayan and Ishani and asks if she has any plan for tomorrow. Mansi says she has planned something, after which Nayan will get out of their lives forever. Aaliya ask what will she do. Mansi shows bhang tablets and says she will mix it in Nayan’s drink and once Nayan falls asleep, she will get intimate with Sam and remind him of their older days, then Sam will kick Nayan out of his house.

Next morning, Sam applies color to Prem and wishes him happy holi. Prem says he wanted to apply color first, Sam cheated. Sam says everything his fair in love and war, now he will go and color Nayan. Prem says he can’t as Nayan is still angry. Sam says he is a rockstar and knows how to convince Nayan and color her.

Precap: Nayan stops Samrat from coloring her.
Prem and Chintu taunt him. Sam asks them to wait and watch his magic. Aaliya tells Mansi that Samrat has lost his taste and is behind low class Nayan. mansi shows bhang tablet and says it will show the magic soon.

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