Yeh Hai Chahatein : Samrat Saves Nayantara

Nayanatara and Samrat’s condition deteriorates locked in a car. Malati encourages Nayan to have somet patience till Mohitreturns. Mohit with Ishani returns with a glass cutter and cuts glass. Sam kicks glass and breaks it. Mohit gets them out. Malati and Ishani try to get Nayan conscious. Sam asks Mohit to call a doctor. Mohit tries and says doctor is not reachable. Ishani says Nayan’s pulse is dropping. Sam says there is no time to call doctor and does lip-to-lip breathing. Aaliya gets angry seeing that. Nayan wakes up with CPR. Aaliya thinks her plan failed because of Sam and he saved Nayan.

She shouts at him and asks why didn’t he let Nayan die as all the problems in their lives are because of Nayan, their mom is away from them because of her. Sam says if he had let Nayan die, there wouldn’t have been any difference between him and mom; mom is a criminal who tried to kill Mohit, Ishani, and Malati and he will always support truth. Aaliya says they all broke her heart and mom was right trying to take revenge from them, Sam was an orphan and mom adopted him, she herself is wandering because of selfish Sam. Sam leaves.

Next morning, Malati asks Sam if she can talk to him. He says yes. Malati says she wants to perform shanti pooja in his house and wants to take permission from him. Sam says its weird that one who is responsible for 50% problems of this house is talking about performing shanti pooja, she and Nayan are responsible for all the wrongdoings in his life.

Malati says she can understand his pain for his mother and anyone would have reacted same, she understands him. Sam says just like she is to Nayan, his mom was everything to him and he is alone now because of them. Malati says they never thought of separating him from his mother and its a god’s wish. Sam hopes he wouldnt’ have seen that video and got her mom arrested. Malati says she will be her mother and is worried for him like her other children. Sam permits her for the pooja.

After some time, Nayan walks in to Sam’s room with with Prem and Chintu. Sam asks what is she doing with chillar party. She says amma told he gave permission for shanti pooja and hence brought pooja lungi for him. Sam refuses to wear it. She says its mandatory for pooja and asks chintu to help him. Sam says if this kid will help him. Chintu says he is wearing lungi when he couldn’t even wedar his underwear and helps him. Nayan walks out and asks servant to call Chintu out. Servants does.

Chintu asks Sam to take Prem’s help. Prem messes it up. Nayan laughs hiding near done, walks in, and says she will help him. Prem walks out saying he knows to wear his lungi. He tells Chintu that he wants Nayan maa to help him. Nayan help Sam. They both feel awkward. Jab Jab Tere Paas Me Aaya.. song plays in the background. Aaliya notices Prem happy and goes to check. She gets angry seeing Sam and Nayan lost in each other and thinks she needs to separate them at any cost.

Precap: Sam slips on oil and falls down.
Nayan applies bandage to hand. She says they becoming friends now. During pooja, guests badmouth about Nayan. Sam gets angry and warns them to stop talking ill about his wife. Mansi gets jealous hearing that.

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