Yeh Hai Chahatein : Sania Murdered !

Preesha enters Sania’s room and waking up Rudra asks what is he doing in this room shirtless. Rudra wakes up and asks how did he come here, he just remembers partying with Arman last night. She notices Sania’s dead body with her throat slit and a knife nearby, thinks Rudra must have slit her throat, and tries to wake up Rudra to find out truth. Rudra still inebriated pushes her way calling Sania.

Waiter brings breakfast and seeing Sania’s dead body runs out shouting murder. He informs other hotel staff and manager about murder. They rush to room and manger ties to open the door with master key, but finds the door locked. He informs police. Arman walks in and asks what are they doing near his room, says he went to terrace to relax after his fight with Rudra and fell asleep there. Manager says his wife is injured. Arman acts as worried and asks to open the door and call doctor. Police reaches. Arman asks why did they call police instead of doctor.

Sharda calls Rudra and Preesha and finding their phones not reachable calls Ahuja and asks him to let her speak to Rudra or Preesha as their phone is not reachable. Back in hotel, police breaks door open and walk in to find Preesha holding knife and threatening them to stay away from her. Arman acts as shocked seeing Rudra shirtless sleeping on bed and Sania’s dead body on floor.

Preesha says she saw Rudra with Sania and murdered her. Arman says Rudra must have killed Sania as he talked cheap about wife swapping and fought with him. Preesha doesn’t believe him. He says hotel staff saw them fighting. Staff backs him. Arman insists that Rudra must have killed Sania when she tried to resist him. Preesha insists that she killed Sania and remembers holding murder weapon and smearing blood on her hands and clothes.

Out of flashback, police arrests Preesha and wakes up Rudra sprinkling water on him. Rudra wakes up and is shocked to see Preesha arrested and Sania’s dead body o floor. Arman says he murdered Sania. Preesha says she murdered Sania as she saw him with Rudra. Rudra says she cannot do this. Arman says Preesha is innocent and Rudra killed Sania as he talked about wife swap last night.

Rudra remembering the incident attacks Arman again shouting he is lying. Police catches him. Arman says Rudra will murder even Preesha for another woman. Preesha slaps him and says Rudra is her husband and can’t betray her, she killed Sania seeing her with Rudra. She thinks she told everything to Rudra and now he should prove her innocence. Police arrests them both.

Precap: Lady inspector asks Preesha why did she kill Sania. Rudra asks her not to say anything. Ahuja tells Arman that they incurred huge losses. Arman says he is worried for Preesha, but Ahuja is behind losses. Ahuja asks why is he worried for Rudra’s wife instead of his own, did he kill Sania. Rudra asks Preesha to tell him what exactly happened.

Update Credit to: MA

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