Yeh Hai Chahatein : Suhaag Raat & Suspicions

Preesha sees Saransh playing videogame with Rudra and says she cannot let him waste his time during vacation, so she has booked a holiday camp for him. Saransh says is vacation will be spoilt and he doesn’t want to wake up early. Preesha says he needs physical activity and discipline, so he should attend holiday camp. He seeks Rudra’s help, but Preesha gets adamant.

Next day, Saransh leaves for camp while Rudra gets emotional and cries. Preesha asks if he cannot live without his son for 2 days. He says he can’t. She says she is his mom and he is behaving like a mom instead, a kid needs mental and physical growth both, even they can enjoy alone and finish their suhagraat. He gets tempted and agrees and gets Mishka’s call to meet her and finalize concert dresses. Preesha asks him to drop her at her parent’s house.

Preesha reaches her parent’s house. Vasu says GPS has gone out to meet Subbu and other friends. Preesha says appa loves her a lot and gifted her gajra and sari. Vasu asks when did he gift her sari. Preesha says she saw him buying sari and must have hidden it for diwali surprise. Vasu says she will check it and exchange if she doesn’t like it. She searches whole room and asks Preesha if he is sure she saw GPS buying sari. She says yes. Vasu says then its not for her then and she should question him.

On the other side, Rudra tries Mishka’s designed dress for concert and asks if she is sure it is good. She says it is as she designed it. Param enters and says he looks funny in this dress. Mishka returns and their argument starts. Rudra informs that Param is his business partner. Mishka and Param’s argument continues. Rudra remembers arguing with Preesha and thinks they will definitely fall in love. Vasu with Preesha reaches Subbu’s house who gets tensed seeing them. Vasu asks if GPS came there. He says he had come and left already. She asks him to give other friend’s numbers. He says only GPS is his friend. Preesha calls GPS who lies that he is with Subbu.

At camp, Saransh notices a girl and confuses her as Anvi. Girl befriends him and introduces her as Nidhi. Nidhi’s friends join her and bully Saransh. Vasu with Preesha returns home and fumes that GPS lied her. Preesha tensed consoles her somehow and leaves. Nidhi’s friends continue to bully Saransh.

Saransh warns that Rudra will punish them if they bully him. They ask who is his father. He says rockstar Rudra. They say he is lying and insist to let them speak to Rudra. Saransh calls teacher and asks him to call his father. Teacher says they can call his father only if he falls ill. Saransh thinks he will fall ill then to call Rudra. GPS hurriedly returns home at night. Preesha meets him and asks where was he. GPS says he was with Subbu. She says she was with Subbu when she called him. He lies that he drinks with friends while Subbu never drinks, so he had to lie to Vasu. She thinks something is wrong and she is unable to trust appa for the first time, so she needs to speak to Rudra regarding this.

Precap: Rudra comforts Rudra when he misses Saransh. Vasu follows GPS and finds him meeting a woman and hugging her.

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