Yeh Hai Chahatein : The Mastermind Behind Kidnapping Revealed !!

Saransh confronts Rudra and tells him that Preesha cannot do anything wrong. Rudra asks why did a goon pointed out at Preesha then. Saransh says if he had ever loved Preesha, he would have believed Preesha. Rudra asks if not Preesha, who must have done that. Saransh says he should find it out. Rudra thinks if Saransh is confident on Preesha, who must have done that.

Digvijay feels happy to see Pihu back home and asks who must have done it as he knows Preesha can’t. Pihu reveals she planned everything from the beginning, sent scary doll to herself and planned that Rudra sees Dinesh with Preesha. She recalls the incident and says everything happened as per her plan. Digvijay asks what if she would have died with scorpion sting. Pihu says she wanted Rudra to doubt Preesha and stay away from her. She reveals how her plan of getting kidnaped was spoilt when goon kidnapped Preesha instead and reaches goon’s den to learn that Preesha is kidnapped.

She reveals how she ordered goons to blame Preesha and make Rudra believe it. Out of flashback, she says she didn’t think Preesha would be adamant to find real culprit and wanted to visit police station, so she had to help Dinesh escape. She says now Rudra doubts Preesha and she will use it in her favor. She says she wants all the wedding functions start tomorrow itself to keep Rudra away from Preesha, she will not let them reunite in this life. Digvijay messages Sharda and Rudra to come there and says he wants to discuss something important. He says he fears for Pihu’s life and they all know that someone doesn’t want Pihu and Rudra’s marriage. Rudra says they will know who the culprit is once Dinesh is caught. Digvijay says he wants wedding rituals from tomorrow itself for Pihu’s safety. Sharda agrees.

Roohi hears their conversation and informs Saransh about it. She asks how will they reunite mamma and papa so soon and stop Pihu from interfering in their lives. Saransh says they have to think something to stop Rudra and Pihu’s wedding. Roohi says they should make Rudra and Preesha realize their love for each other somehow. Saransh says he knows Preesha is staying with Armaan for a reason and if Rudra learns about it, he will stop his marriage. Roohi says even Rudra is marrying Pihu for a reason. Saransh says they should find out even that and make sure Rudr and Preesha reunite. Roohi asks how will they as functions will start tomorrow itself. Saransh says he will think something.

Precap: Roohi asks Saransh if he thought anyh plan or not as prewedding functions are starting. Preesha learns about functions and prays god for the functions to happen peacefully. Pihu says only if Preesha doesn’t spoil them. A flower chandelier falls towards Rudra.

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