Yeh Hai Chahatein : Vaijayanti Decides to Check on Rudra

Sharda asks Vyjayanti if she surely heard Bunty calling her Preesha. Vyjayanti says Bunty and Rudra are both at Rothak and staying there since long, she is sure its about Preesha. Sharda asks what will she do now. Vyjayanti says she will visit Rothak tomorrow and find out truth. In store room, Roohi says if something had happened to mamma, she wouldn’t have both mamma and papa and would be alone. Rudra says he will never leave her alone. She gets happy, says he will leave her tomorrow, but she wants to celebrate lohri with him. He says he will stay with her for 1 more night. She gets happy. Yuvraj notices them via window and thinks he has to get Rudra punished by mukhiya at any cost.

Next morning, Rudra meets Bunty and requests him to let him stay with Roohi for 1 more night as she wants to celebrate lohri with him and he considers her as his daughter. Bunty agrees and gets tensed thinking what will he reply to Preesha. Preesha returns home from hospital. Roohi gets happy seeing her and serves her sandwich. Preesha gets happy seeing that and pampers her. She later calls Bunty. Bunty gets tensed thinking she will question about Rudra and lies to her that he and Rudra reached Delhi.

Preesha thanks him and feels sorry for Rudra that she sent him away from his daughter. Bunty feels guilty for lying to her. Preesha thinks Rudra was near her since so many days and she didn’t know about him. Roohi asks if she needs anything else as she is going for a bathe. Preesha says she can and thinks of visiting store room to feel Rudra’s presence. Roohi from bathroom notices Preesha heading towards store room and gets tensed. She rushes to Preesh and says she was afraid alone at house, so she came to take her back. Preesha says she was going to store room. Roohi insists her to give her shampoo and takes her back home.

Roohi gets ready for lohri function and walks into store room. Rudra frightens her and laughs. Roohi says she will not give him gift now. He runs behind her and apologizes and asks her to give his gift. She gifts him new kurta pajama and says she bought it form him from market. He agrees. Preesha’s bangle falls from his pocket. Roohi says how did he get her mamma’s bangle.

Preesha while getting ready notices her another bangle and wears it thinking they will never reunite, but bangle will keep them connected. Beena maasi calls her, and she keeps bangle back. Rudra asks Roohi if she is sure this bangle belongs to her mamma. She says Beena maasi gifted this bangle to her. Rudra insists to meet her mamma right now. Roohi says her mamma went for lohri celebration, even he should come there. She takes his torch and says she will signal him with it when function starts. Rudra thinks he needs to meet Roohi’s mamma at any cost as she must be knowing Preesha.

Yuvraj spying on him thinks he will not let Rudra get out of store room and has already made arrangements. Preesha attends village’s lohri function. Yuvraj walks in and greets everyone. Preesha asks him why he came here shamelessly. He says he was staying in Rothak for a few more days and hence attended function, but he will not disturb her and Roohi.

Precap: Yuvraj hits Rudra’s head and he falls down unconscious. Roohi returns to check on Rudra. Mukhiya’s goons set fire.
Roohi wakes up Rudra. Rudra meets Preesha.

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