Yeh Hai Chahatein : Vaijayanti Grows Suspicious of Bunty !

Preesha thanks god that Rudra wasn’t present in store room or else Yuvraj would have noticed him. She looks at his cot and thinks he would have reached Delhi by now. Rudra continues running to meet Roohi. Bunty stops him and says its risky if he stays in Rothak. Rudra insists to meet Roohi once. Bunty says he will take her to Roohi and gets him in car. Rudra asks him to take him to Roohi’s school.

Bunty asks when he already said bye to Roohi and wrote a letter for her, then why he wants to meet her again. Rudra says he is emotionally attached to her now as she risked her life for him and hiding from her mother fed her food to him, feels he is related to her by heart, etc., and wants to hear her scolding once. Bunty thinks he is related to Roohi by blood, but he has to separate him from Roohi as Preesha is right that its good for them.

Roohi clashes Yuvraj while running to meet Rudra. Yuvraj asks where is she going. She says her secret friend is going, so she wants to meet him once. He asks if she is going to meet Rudra. She asks how does he know and says he is going from Rothak forever, so she wants to meet him once. Yuvraj thinks its good that Rudra is going forever, he wants to see him going. He tells Roohi that they both will find Rudra and accompanies her. Rudra reaches Roohi’s school and searches her there. Sachi notices him there.

Preesha calls Bunty and asks if they reached Delhi. Bunty says they are still at Rothak as Rudra wants to meet Roohi and hence they came to Roohi’s school. Preesha gets worried and says its very risky. Vyjayanti calls Bunty. He rejects her at first but then picks it by mistake and tells Preesha need not worry. Vyjayanti asks why is he talking about Preesha. He gets tensed and says she overheard it. She asks where are he and Rudra. He says in Delhi and disconnects call. Vyjayanti gets suspicious and calls Rudra’s manager who informs that Rudra and Bunty are in Rothak. She thinks if Rudra is still alive. Rudra walks out and informs Bunty that Roohi is not in school.

Preesha gets tensed when Bunty messages her that Roohi is not at school. She rushes out to search Roohi. Yuvraj tries to manipulate Roohi and says god sent him to take care of her and her mother. Roohi says god sent Rudra for them. Yuvraj thinks even she needs Rudra, but he will do something and not let her wish fulfilled. Roohi asks him to follow her and runs away. Rudra notices her, runs and hugs her. Noore Khuda.. song plays in the background. They both share their emotional bonding.

Yuvraj notices them, clicks pics to show them to Mukhiya and send Rudra out of Rothak. He gets tensed seeing Preesha there and thinks his game will end if Preesha meets Rudra and Roohi, so he needs to do something. He sees a bike and drives it away pushing Preesha. Preesha falls down, rolls over, hits her head to a stone and falls unconscious. Mob surround her. Rudra feels weird. He notices mob and walks towards it, but Bunty drags him from there and leaves in car. Yuvraj thinks he had to do this to stop Nalla and chipkali/nalla kali from meeting, now he will help Preesha and will get into her good books.

Precap: Sachi notices injured Preesha and informs Roohi that her mamma met with an accident and is in hospital. Rudra hears that and comforting Roohi reaches hospital and is shocked to see Preesha and Yuvraj there.

Update Credit to: MA

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