Yeh Hai Chahatein : Venky Continues His Plan of Terrorizing Mishka

Rudra rushes towards Preesha to show her Venky’s video. Venky cross legs her and makes him fall. Mobile falls down and breaks. Rudra shouts Preeshaaaa. Whole family rushes towards him. Venky holds him back and thinks Rudra will complain that he pushed him. Mishka thanks Venky for saving Rudra. Venky says he can do anything for Rudra as he knows what he means for Preesha and their family.

Sharda thanks Venky next for saving Rudra. Rudra hugs Venky and says he knows why he pushed and then saved him, he will not let him spoil Mishka’s marriage. Venky challenges he will do that at any cost. Rudra tries to refix mobile but fails. Preesha enters and says its good Venky saved him on time even after being ill. She asks him to stop talking too much. She asks if something happened, he should share his problem with him.

Vasu brings wedding gift for Mishka and says she will gift it right now. Venky insists that he will give it and heads towards Mishka’s room thinking nobody can stop him from spoiling Mishka’s marriage. Rudra lies to Preesha that he is tensed after his friend’s call who told his relative is creating a rift between and his wife and acts good in front of everyone. Preesha says he should inform someone trustable. He says his friend tried, but she didn’t trust him as her brother is very intelligent. She says then his friend should get him caught red handed. He says that is a good idea. He further says he wants to go and help Mishka as she has changed and helped them a lot. She agrees.

Rudra reaches Mishka’s room while she is busy getting ready for her wedding. She asks him what is he doing here. He says he will be with her until her marriage finishes. She asks if something will happen to her. He says one who spoilt her lehanga and sandal wants to spoil her wedding. She gets afraid and insists him to be with her then. Venky peeps into Mishka’s room and gets tensed seeing Venky there.

Servant brings juice. Rudra sips it to confirm nothing is mixed in it and then gives it to Mishka. Beauticians come to get Mishka ready. Rudra waits outside. Preesha informs him that Saransh is missing. Rudra asks Mishka to close door from inside and not to open it until he returns and leaves. Sharda sees CCTV footage of Saransh getting out of house and informs everyone. They al rush out searching Saransh.

Venky knocks Mishka’s door. Mishka says she will open it only for Rudra. Venky lies that Rudra sent him to inform that Saransh is missing. Mishka opens door. He says Rudra asked to check her bathroom if Saransh is hiding there. Mishka walks towards bathroom when Venky locks door from inside. Rudra and Preesha search Saransh outside and finds him in a car’s dickie.

They get him out and ask how did he come here. He says an uncle called him and informed that there are lots of chocs and ice creams in car’s dickie, so he came here and was checking it when someone pushed him inside and locked him in. Venky pushes Mishka on bed. Mishka gets afraid and asks what is he doing. He says he is trying to ruin her life like she did 10 years ago. She says he forgave her. He says he acted and forces himself on her.

Precap: Venky tries to molest Mishka. Preesha knocks door and getting suspicious brings Rudra and Param. They break open the door and stand shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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