Yeh Hai Chahatein : Venky Fools Preesha !

Venky gets angry on Rudra and thinks he didn’t rape Mishka, but Rudra is trapping him in rape case. He remembers acting as raping Mishka till she falls unconscious and thinking she ruined his life with false allegation and he will make her suffer whole life now. Out of flashback, he thinks how will he escape from DNA report as Mishka had his skin samples in her nails, Rudra trapped him in his own game.

Preesha returns home with Mishka and Rudra and assures Mishka that she will get her brother punished if he is guilty. Back to room, Mishka panics asking what if Preesha finds out that Venky didn’t rape her and they falsely alleged him, Preesha is going against her brother to help her and will shatter if she finds out they lied to her. Rudra says Venky wants to ruin her life, so they should continue what they are doing and expose him in front of his sister. Venky reaches hospital and disguises himself as a ward boy.

Preesha feels tension headache. Saransh enters and insists to oil massage her scalp to relieve her headache. She agrees. He massages her head. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Rudra enters and takes Saransh’s place. Preesha senses him, gets angry, and asks what is he doing here. He says he is massaging her scalp. She says she is supporting Mishka and didn’t forgive him. He says he wants to expose Venky who is worst than Mishka, etc. She says he broke her trust by lying her and hiding truth. He says he did it with a reason. She says hiding truth is also a form of betrayal. Their argument continues when Vasu calls Preesha sounding tensed and asks her to come home right now. Preesha with Rudra and Mishka visit her. She says Venky has gone somewhere unable to bear Mishka’s allegations and she fears he will harm himself again.

Venky returns home and says she brought proof of his innocence, he never raped Mishka. He remembers getting Mishka’s report from lab disguised as a ward boy and shows it GPS. GPS says report is negative. Vasu shows report to Preesha. Venky says Rudra lied and showed them a tampered report. He cries that don’t know why Rudra is trying to prove him guilty and behind him. Preesha confronts Rudra. Mishka says she shouldn’t blame Rudra as Venky came to her room and acted as raping her to defame her, Rudra made a fake report to expose him, etc. Preesha holds Rudra’s face and asks if he showed her fake report.

He nods yes. She says then there is nothing left between them as she cannot stay with a man who lied to her. He pleads to listen to him once. She says they faced many problems together, but he used her and tried to prove her brother wrong for Mishka forgetting Mishka wrongly alleged her brother 10 years ago and ruined his life. Mishka tries to speak. Preesha says she went against her family for them, but they betrayed her. Rudra says he thought. She says he thinks only about himself without bothering about other’s feelings. She ends her ties with him and sends him out of house. They both cry standing near door. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Vasu gets a heart attack. Family panics and rushes her to hospital. Rudra and Mishka return home. She feels guilty that Preesha broke up with him because of her. He says he knew Venky would do this, Preesha is blindfolded in her brother’s love, she is angry on him and he will expose Venky in front of her.

Precap: Preesha tells Venky that they cannot be together anymore. Rudra informs Sharda that Preesha is not ready to accept Venky’s mistake. Sharda says Venk misused Preesha’s weakness, even he should use Venky’s weakness and expose him. Mishka gets ready for marriage. Rudra ties Preesha to a chair and says she spoke a lot, now he will speak and she will listen.

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