Yeh Hai Chahatein : Venky Kidnaps Mishka

Venky acts as getting severe headache. Constable tries to inject a hypnotic, but Venky overpowers and giving him injection makes him fall asleep, exchanges clothes and leaves hospital. Sharda gets Mishka ready as a bride and goes out to get pooja thali. Venky enters via window and threatens her not to shout or else he will kill her. Saransh notices them and goes to inform Preesha. Preesha gets ready for Mishka’s wedding. Rudra gets romantic. Vyjayanti calls Preesha and informs her that GPS got a call from police station that Venky is taken to hospital after his mental state worsened.

Saransh calls Preesha and Rudra and finds their number busy. He sees Venky kidnapping Mishka and taking her in a car gets into car’s dickie thinking of informing location to Rudra. Rudra gets inspector’s call who informs that Venky escaped from jail. Rudra tells Preesha that Venky will come to harm Mishka, so they should protect her first. They both rush towards Mishka’s room and don’t find her. Sharda joins them. Rudra calls guards and asks if they saw someone entering house suspiciously. They say no. Rudra says Venky must have entered hiding and kidnapped Mishka. Sharda says even Saransh is missing. They both get worried for Saransh and notice his missed call.

Saransh calls Rudra and informs that Venky kidnapped Mishka and is taking her in a car, he is hiding in car’s dickie to inform them car’s location. Rudra informs everything to inspector and with Preesha follows Venky’s GPS location. Mishka pleads Venky to spare her. She sees them passing by a temple where she was suppose to marry Param and seeks Param’s help. Param hearing her runs behind car.

Saransh notices Param and informs Rudra. Venky then reverses car to kill Param. Saransh informs Rudra who asks him to throw something and alert Param. Saransh does same and rescues Param on time. Preesha informs Vyjayanti about Venky kidnapping Mishka.

Vasu hears that and insists to take her to the venue so that she can calm down Venky and stop him from doing any more mistake. Venky noticing Saransh gets out of car and threatening him throws him in back seat and drives car again. Mishka jumps out of car and runs. She notices Preesha and Rudra’s car and alerts them.

Precap: Venky threatens Preesha to return Mishka to him or else he will kill Saransh. She denies He threatens to throw Saransh from cliff. She throws devimaa’s trishul towards him.

Update Credit to: MA

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