Yeh Hai Chahatein : Venky’s Plan to Destroy Mishka’s Life

Preesha gets angry on Rudra for doubting Venky and walks away. Sharda asks Rudra to go and convince Preesha. Venky watches them hiding and thanks Preesha for protecting. He gets angry on Rudra for getting suspicious on him and remembering bracelet incident thinks he needs to be careful.

Rudra walks to Preesha and apologizes. She says he hurt her by doubting her brother and expresses how much she missed her brother for 10 years, his pista rakshi, her parents worry for him, etc. He says even he wants Venky to get well soon and since he is associated with her, he is important to him also. She gets convinced. He hugs and cheers her up and thinks he knows Venky is fine now.

Preesha gifts wedding dresses to Vasu and GPS. Venky enters. Preesha gifts him sherwani and asks if he liked it. He thanks her and shows their childhood pista rakhi describing how he saved it when GPS used to show his old stuff, etc. Preesha gets emotional and says a sister ties rakhi to brother. He says she protected him and their parents, took care of Saransh like a mother even after what Mahima did to her, etc. Preesha gets more emotional, and he ties rakhi on her wrist. Rudra smile seeing that.

Mishka’s designer brings her mehandi lehanga. She gets angry seeing a red lehanga instead of her ordered fuchsia pink lehanga and throws tantrums. Preesha, Sharda, and Sharda try to convince her, but she walks away fuming. After sometime, Rudra gifts her pink lehanga from her favorite designer. She jumps in happiness seeing her favorite designer lehanga and asks how did he get it. He says he knows her choice. She says he is the best. Preesha asks her to get ready soon. She says she will take 2 minutes. Rudra says that would be a Guinness record. They all walk out to let her get ready.

Mishka freshens up to get ready for her mehandi function when she gets a magazine’s call for interview and caller says he can’t hear her properly. She goes out of room and call gets disconnected. She returns to her room fuming and is shocked to see her lehanga torn into pieces. Preesha and others rush to her and are also shocked to see her lehanga torn.

Preesha says someone did it purposefully. Rudra says someone hates Mishka and wants to ruin her happiness. Sharda and Preesha ask Mishka to calm down for Param’s sake and not spoil her happiness as Param should matter her and not clothes. Mishka calms down. Rudra says he will find out who is Mishka’s enemy and punish him. Venky remembers how he pranked Mishka by calling her as magazine journalist and tearing her lehanga and thinks he will ruin her happiness for ruining his life.

Precap: Rudra asks guards to show him CCTV footage to know who tore Mishka’s lehanga. Venky hides scissors in a sweets box and dumps it into kitchen dustbin. Rudra watches video and notices Venky.

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