Yeh Hai Chahatein : Wedding is Off !

Venky cries that Mishka is wrongly alleging him with molestation charges again like she did 10 years ago. He pretends as getting severe headache. Preesha and parents get more worried for him. Param asks Mishka if she had wrongly alleged Venky of molestation 10 years ago. Mishka cries that she is telling truth. Param asks if its true, then what is he doing; he was expecting loyalty from her and wanted her to become his wife and Vidhi’s mother, but her past ruined everything and hence he cannot marry her.

Preesha asks what about his promises made to Mishka, what if he had known this truth after marriage. He says he is not leaving Mishka because of her rape, but because she ruined an innocent life 10 years ago without even thinking once; if she can lie for 10 years, she can lie further. Mishka cries pleading him not to go.

Venky continues acting and asks how can Param leave Mishka, whatever happening is not good. Rudra holds his collar and confronts him for lying and ruining Mishka’s life. Preesha warns him to stay away from her brother. Rudra reveals all the crimes Venky did and says he is physically and mentally stable now. Venky acts more.

Rudra says its better not to a have a disgraceful son like Venky, etc. Vasu slaps him and warns him to dare not speak ill about her son. Rudra insists for Mishka’s test and let the truth come out. Preesha says let even his truth come out. They visit hospital and get Mishka’s test done. Rudra thinks Preesha doesn’t trust him anymore. Preesha thinks same.

They return home and see Vasu and GPS leaving house. Vasu says they cannot stay where their son is alleged for a woman who wrongly alleged him 10 years ago. Sharda requests them not to go. Vasu confronts her to stop supporting her son who is supporting a wrong woman and not trusting even his wife. She insists even Preesha not to stay in a house where she is not trusted.

Rudra says Preesha is his wife and will not go from here. Preesha says she will stay here until Mishka’s test reports come back and Rudra is proven wrong and then will leave from here. At night, Preesha decides to stay in Saransh’s room. Next morning, Rudra eagerly waits for report. Courier boy delivers report. Rudra reads it and stands shocked.

Precap: Rudra informs Preesha that Mishka’s report came back positive and she is being raped. Mishka informs him that she scratched Venky’s shoulder when he raped her. Rudra checks Venky’s shoulder injury and says Mishka got Venky’s skin in her nails when she scratched him during rape. Preesha says once the report comes, they will decide about their relationship.

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