Yeh Hai Chahatein : Yuvraj Back in Preesha’s Life !

Preesha tells Roohi that she doesn’t need anyone’s support. Roohi says she needs it until she grows up, even she needs a father like her friends who will love and care for her. Preesha hugs her and says she never let her miss a father. Roohi says she needs a father though who can play with her, scold and even love her, remembering Rudra. Preesha cries vigorously hugging her, takes her to god’s idol, and says Kanhaji is her dad who always protects them. She says he is god and not real dad, she needs a real dad. Preesha thinks she couldn’t understand Roohi’s pain, but she has a father who can do all this but is away from them. She calls RJ and requests not to broadcast Roohi’s message. RJ agrees.

Preesha then hears someone outside and opens door. Mukhiya’s goons barge in and demand to repay rent passing lewd comment on her. She says she will repay in 2-3 days. They push her out of house and throw her stuff out. Rudra walks out waiting for Roohi and sees goons throwing things out. He colors his face and thrashes goons.

Preesha with Roohi rushes to Beena’s house ad informs her what happened. Beena with 2 neighbors rushes towards spot. Goons overpower Rudra and threaten to throw out mother and daughter. Rudra overpowers them again and thrashes them brutally. Preesha with Beena and villagers runs in and is shocked to see goons already lying injured on floor. Rudra hides seeing them.

Beena asks who did it. Yuvraj enters and says he did it. Preesha asks what is he doing here. He says he obviously came to meet her and interacts with Roohi. Preesha asks who is he. Preesha says Raj, he is her old friend and sends Roohi with Beena. Rudra gets worried for Preesha and Roohi and walks out to check. He sees villagers carrying goons. Preesha asks Yuvraj why did he come here. He says he came for Roohi as he heard her radio broadcast.

She asks him to stop lying as Roohi said her mother’s name is Priya. He says she is intelligent like her judge father, truth is he had hired a private investigator who gave her every minute information. She asks him not to lie again. He says he came for Roohi as she needs a father. Their argument starts. He insists that Roohi needs a father who can take care of her, but her adamancy is depriving Roohi of her rights, etc. She doesn’t agree. He asks if she is still waiting for Rudra, why didn’t she return to him after fire accident. She says she doesn’t want to Rudra to be in trouble as he is more famous now and whatever it is, Rudra is Roohi’s father and nobody else can, etc.

Precap: Roohi describes Rudra that goons had attacked them, but an uncle rescued them. Rudra asks if she knows who that uncle is. She says mamma’s old friend. Preesha searches Roohi and finding store room light on walks towards it. Mukhiya kidnaps Roohi.

Update Credit to: MA

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