Yeh Hai Chahatein : Yuvraj Helps Preesha Escape Punishment!

Preesha is taken to jail after judge announces capital punishment fo her. Rudra runs behind police jeep. In the evening, Sharda consoles crying Rudra. Rudra says he will file a mercy petition to president and has already started the process. Next morning, he visits police station and showing his mercy petition file tells inspector that she cannot hang Preesha until the verdict is out. Inspector says they will not and Preesha is taken to City Hospital due to some medical issues. He rushes to hospital and sees hospital catching fire. Out of flashback, Sharda says that fire killed Preesha. Rudra says he will never believe that Preesha is dead and wants to be happy wherever she is.

Somewhere on south, Preesha’s daughter Roohi practices song on sitar. Preesha ask if her rehearsal is over. She tells Preesha that she has made a song for her, touches her feet, and sings Tu Kitni Achi Hi O Maa.. song and wishes her happy birthday. Preesha hugs her and hopes Rudra would have seen his daughter. She thinks she took blame on herself to save Rudra as he saved her many times. She then goes into flashback where she accepts killing Rudra and tells Vasu that she had to kill Venky or else he would have killed Rudra. GPS confronts her that she was worried for her son, but shot his son in his heart instead of hands and legs to stop him; she snatched Venky from her mother again and killed her mother alive to save her own son. Vasu says this woman Preesha Khurana did a big sin by killing her son, she will go to fast track and will make sure this woman is hanged till death. She orders Vyjayanti to makes sure this woman his hanged till death. Police arrests Preesha and takes her away.

Court hearing starts. Preesha’s lawyer tells her that he will argue that Venky was mentally unstable and was trying to kill her, so trying to save herself, she shot Venky. Preesha asks him not to argue and let her go to jail, thinking for Saransh and Rudraksh’s sake. Lawyer informs judge that his client accepted her crime. Judge announces Preesha guilty in Venky’s murder and orders to be hanged till death after 2 days. After 2 days, Preesha is about to be hanged with Yuvraj as Preesha’s lawyer stops jailer and informs that he got stay order from court to stop this punishment as Preesha is pregnant. He takes Preesha to meeting area where Preesha yells what is his new drama now. He says its his concern for her, he had gone to collect his client’s report and found her medical report which says she is pregnant. Preesha remembers consummating with Rudraksh. Yuvraj asks where are her parents and nalla Khurana who were concerned for her. She says he need not worry for her and should stay away from her. He convinces her after a long confrontation. Preesha is admitted to City Hospital for deliver. She requests constable to inform Rudra about her pregnancy and asks him to meet her. Constable agrees and leaves. Yuvraj enters and insists her to escape from here without meeting Rudra and lead a new life with new identity as her punishment is postponed and not canceled. Nirse informs about a fire accident in hospital. Yuvraj takes Preesha from there.

Precap: Vasu takes Saransh’s control from Rudra proving him incompetent of taking care of his son.

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