Yeh Hai Chahatein : Yuvraj ko Mila Sazaa !

Mukhiya kidnaps Yuvraj. Yuvraj asks why did he kidnap him. Mukhiya asks why did he repay doctor’s rent and beat his goons, orders his goons to trash him brutally. Goons bet him to pulp and walk away. Yuvraj thinks he should have informed goons that he didn’t pay rent or beat the goons. Preesha returns home and rushes to bathroom for a bathe. Roohi takes Rudra home and asks him to go and take bathe soon. Preesha starts bathing. Rudra walks till bathroom door and remembering he forgot towel returns to Roohi.

Roohi complains that he makes a small kid work so much and gives him towel. He opens bathroom towel and runs back in shock seeing Preesha bathing. Preesha with a soap on her face asks who opened the door. Rudra runs back to Roohi and says someone is bathing. Roohi notices Preesha’s sandals and says its her mamma and asks him to go from there soon. He runs away.

Preesha walks to Roohi and asks if she opened bathroom door. Roohi says yes. Preesha says she heard a man’s voice. Roohi says she must have overheard due to soap in her ear. Preesha asks why did she return from school. She says she wants to potty and her friends taunt her, so she came home. Preesha sends her to bathroom. Roohi thanks god for saving her this time.

Roohi then returns to Rudra and orders that he will not bathe from today as she gets into trouble whenever he wants to bathe. He says she is his only support here and as she said, Mukhiya’s goons will catch him if he goes out. He tries to emotionally blackmail her and acts as going from there. Roohi stops him and asks to stop his drama as she can sense his overacting; she, him, and mamma are same and overact a lot. She takes him to open hand pump and makes him bathe there. He thinks he never thought in life that a rockstar would bathe like this. She says this place is safe for him. He says its stinky here and he will not let her bathe in his bathroom whenever she visits his house. She says she will sing while bathing at his house. Their nok jhok continues.

Roohi walks back towards school when she sees injured Yuvraj and questions him. Yuvraj says Mukhiya’s goons trashed him for helping her mamma and warned not to help her again. She takes him to Preesha’s clinic and repeats what he said. Preesha sends her to school and treats Yuvraj scolding him to stop helping her. He thinks he is doing it for his new ATM Roohi, he couldn’t get Saransh and extort money from Rudra, so he will marry Preesha and make Roohi as his daughter and then he will extort a huge sum from nalla Khurana by informing that Roohi is his daughter and he should give him a huge sum to get back Roohi.

Roohi while having lunch with Rudra informs him that she feels bad for Raj uncle as he was trashed by goons for helping mamma. Rudra thinks its good that a fraud is punished who was taking his credit. He then asks what she will wear for new year party. She says mamma bought her favorite red color dress. He reminisces Preesha also loving red color sari and says even he wants a red dress. She asks if he wants to become a santa again. He emotionally blackmails him and says if she wants to look dirty in party, then he will come wearing same dress. She gets an idea, meets Yuvraj and requests him to take her for shopping. He says her mamma will take her for shopping. She says its for someone else.

Precap: Roohi shops a new dress for Rudra and gifts him. Rudra emotionally says she is like his daughter. Preesha questions Roohi where was she. Roohi says with Rudra.

Update Credit to: MA

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