Yeh Hai Chahatein : Yuvraj Sees Rudraksh !

Rudra reaches Saachi’s house and calls her out. She walks to him and asks what is he doing here. He informs that Roohi didn’t reach home yet. Yuvraj reaches Preesha’s house and seeing it locked thinks he will wait for them. He blabbers that both mother and daughter dumped him so easily while he usually dumps people, they can get out of his life once he gets money, he bought a costly doll for Roohi and will wait for her. Rudra with Sachi finds Roohi and asks where was she. She explains that she was coming home when she found a boy who was lost and helped him reach his destiny. He asks her about camera. She hands him camera, and they both reach store room. Yuvraj hides seeing Roohi’s secret friend and thinks he needs to find out who is Roohi’s secret friend. He follows them.

Rudra with Roohi enters store room and is shocked to see Bunty there. He asks what is he doing here. Bunty nervously says Roohi told him that he is here. Rudra asks if Mukhiya’s goons tortured him and asks Roohi to go home. She goes to get him dinner.

Yuvraj notices Roohi alone walking out of store room and heads towards store room to find out who the secret friend is. Preesha returns home and seeing Rudra’s sorry card in Roohi’s room remembers Rudra giving her similar card before. She gets emotional thinking he was around her, but she couldn’t realize; she wants to hug and touch him and say I love you. Roohi walks in and asks what is she doing here. Preesha says she was searching her and asks where was she. Roohi says she was outside. Preesha asks her to fresh up and come for dinner.

Rudra excitedly asks Bunty if he found Preesha. Bunty says he didn’t remembering Preesha pleading him not to inform Rudra about her as she is still a criminal and cannot ruin Rudra’s life, etc. Rudra says its impossible that Preesha didn’t attend contest. Bunty says he didn’t and insists him to stop his madness and return to Delhi. Rudra shouts he has sensed Preesha in the air and touched her, he is sure she is alive and he will not go from here until he finds her. Bunty asks him to get into his senses and accept that Preesha is dead. Rudra denies. Bunty asks if he wants to spend his life in store room and die via mukhiya’s goons, he may be selfish but should think of Roohi and her mother and not put their life in danger because of him.

Yuvraj peeps into store room and seeing Rudra thinks if he is Roohi’s secret friend whom Roohi is hiding, nalla Rudra doesn’t know that Roohi is his daughter and Preesha is hiding here a Priya. He thinks how to expose Rudra and think one man can do that. Bunty asks Rudra if he wants mukhiya’s goons to harm her. Rudra says he will kill mukhiya. Bunty says Roohi can live peacefully only if he leaves this village. Rudra agrees to accompany him tomorrow morning after spending some time with his daughter-like Roohi. Bunty thinks Roohi is his real daughter, Preesha is alive, but he cannot reveal it due to Preesha’s promise.

Preesha serves dinner to Roohi and asks says she will bring her more paranthas. Roohi hides her paranthas. Preesha serves her more paranthas and asks if she knows mamma loves her, she should tell if she lied to her. Roohi asks why is she asking this. Preesha says she taught her good morales and even taught her that she shouldn’t hide anything from mamma, so did she hide any secret about her friend. Roohi agrees and then says no, she gets tummy pain sometimes and hid it.

Preesha repeats her question. Roohi crosses her finger and leaves saying she didn’t. Preesha thinks she knows Roohi is hiding a secret and even she is hiding the truth that Rudra is Roohi’s daughter. Roohi visits Rudra and offers him dinner. He emotionally hugs her and cries. She says she doesn’t feel good if he gets sad. He says he is going from there. She gets sad hearing that.

Precap: Rudra leaves a letter for Roohi before leaving. Roohi drops the letter and leaves home. Preesha reads letter and gets emotional. Rudra decides to meet Roohi once before leaving and runs towards her.

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