Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th June 2024 : Vidya Convinces Armaan to Marry Ruhi !

The Episode starts with the man asking Abhira to help him. Abhira sees Armaan at the window and prays for him. She says I can’t come back home, you have to take the banner. Armaan sees Abhira and runs. Krish asks him to stop. Dadi and everyone look on. Abhira goes. Armaan says I got my sign, I know you were here. Dadi says its your illusion. She cleans the banner. Madhav gets conscious. Armaan calls him. He says I have to choose either of love and family, please help me, take my call. Vidya comes to him and makes him rest in her lap. She pacifies him. Madhav says Abhira…. And tries to move his hand. Vidya says I m alive only for you, my sorrow goes away when you stay happy, you didn’t come for haldi, I know you sacrificed your love for the family’s sake, I convinced the family, you are getting your love back, are you scared to lose the love again.

Vidya asks Armaan to come with her, everyone is waiting. Madhav tries to get up. Sanjay asks the doctor to call her when Madhav gets conscious. Ruhi calls Dadi and asks about Armaan. She asks why are you quiet, tell me, is everything fine. Dadi says yes, Armaan is dizzy, so its taking time for haldi. Manish says tell the truth, we all are waiting here. A bouquet and gift comes for Ruhi. Ruhi reads Armaan’s sorry note. She smiles. She checks the gift. She likes the jewellery. She asks Manish to see, Armaan has sent it. Dadi sees Charu and smiles. She says I told you, don’t worry, get ready for haldi, Armaan will be coming downstairs.

Ruhi says I m ready. Krish says I know Armaan didn’t send that gift. Dadi says yes. Vidya gets Armaan downstairs. Dadi asks her to start haldi rasam. O sajni re….plays… Armaan thinks of Abhira. Vidya says you are getting married now. Everyone applies him haldi. He says rasam is done, just excuse me now. He goes. Dadi says Armaan is fine, person doesn’t sing and dance in second marriage, Vidya, send haldi for Ruhi. Krish, Kiara and Aryan take the haldi for Ruhi. They have a talk on the way.

Krish says where will we find Abhira. Abhira comes in front of the car. Krish stops the car. The car breaks down. They ask are you fine. Abhira sees the haldi and says your car got damaged, how will you go. The driver says there is taxi strike today. Abhira says I will drop you to Manish’s house. Krish says just talk to Armaan once. She refuses. They leave in the car. Abhira asks the driver to drive slow and holds the haldi bowl. Krish smiles seeing the haldi on her hand. Ruhi says Krish will come with the haldi.

Abhira asks them to come and meet her in Mussoorie. She says don’t be sad, I got a chorus gang when I had no siblings. She hugs them. They say we will miss you. She turns to go and says I can’t meet anyone now. Manish comes and asks won’t you meet me. She cries and says sorry, I m getting late. She hugs him. He asks her to come home. She says this isn’t my house, nothing belongs to me, its just of Ruhi.

Armaan says I love Abhira, I can’t marry you. Ruhi is shocked. Abhira says Armaan is marrying Ruhi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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