Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th June 2024 : Armaan Refuses to Marry !

The Episode starts with Armaan and Abhira getting sad and thinking of each other. Lambi judaai….plays… Dadi sees Armaan. Kajal takes Sanjay aside. She asks did you talk to judge. He says not yet. She says we are in Armaan’s baraat. He says I m trying, Madhav is missing from the hospital. Vidya asks why is he in the hospital, is he fine. Sanjay says he was with his friend. She asks did you talk to him. He says yes, he is coming. She thanks him. Madhav walks on the road. He asks the man what’s the date today. The man says 11th. Madhav recalls Dadi’s words and hires an auto. He says I will pay you, I m a policeman.

The driver asks him to trouble someone else. Abhira sees the haldi colour on her hand and rubs it. Armaan sees the tortoise toy. She says Armaan is marrying Ruhi, and the rasams happened with me, stop this bad fate. Krish asks Armaan shall we go to Mussoorie. Aryan says just go, we will handle Dadi. Armaan says I m fine. They say Abhira was the spice, colour and rainbow of your life, don’t let her go. Charu asks them to just come. They all dance on Kaala shakaala…

Abhira comes and calls out Armaan. He smiles seeing her. Everyone freezes. She dances on Sajna ve…. He imagines Abhira. Abhira thinks I will miss you Armaan, but I have to go. He says Abhira…. Abhira sees the baraat. Her bangle falls off. Armaan looks around and picks it. He says it means Abhira is here, is this some sign of fate. He tries to show her the tortoise toy. Dadi stops him. Conductor shuts the bus door. Dadi says heart sees what you want to show, don’t look back, move on. Manish welcomes Sushant. He says I m worried, Ruhi doesn’t see and understand. Sushant says you have spent a lot on marriage. Manish says yes, don’t worry, I will return your money with interest. Suwarna asks what money.

Manish says we invested in stocks, come, baraat has arrived. Ruhi runs to the window and sees Armaan. She smiles. She goes to Neil and Aarohi’s pic. She says you knew Armaan is my soul mate and you made us meet, just bless me. The diya is blown off. She takes a matchbox to light it. Manish and Suwarna welcome Armaan. Ruhi says no, this can’t happen that my mum and dad don’t bless me. She shuts the window. Suwarna and Surekha come. Ruhi tells about the diya. Suwarna pacifies her. Armaan thinks of Abhira. Suwarna prays for Ruhi. Surekha says maybe you were asking for a wrong thing. Ruhi says I m getting Armaan, I should have asked for joy. Ruhi comes. Armaan messages Abhira. She reads his message. She asks them to stop the bus.

Vidya calls Madhav. Sanjay checks the call. She thinks just come for Armaan’s sake. Sanjay calls the judge. He says Armaan and Abhira’s separation should get final, what, it will take 2 weeks. Kajal says this marriage can’t happen now. He stops her. Vidya sees Ruhi and wards off bad sight. Manish takes Armaan on the stage. Ruhi comes. Armaan and Ruhi take the garlands. Ruhi thinks why isn’t Armaan happy. Ruhi goes to make him wear the garland. Armaan says sorry Ruhi, I love Abhira. She is shocked.

Armaan says I love Abhira. Manish slaps him. Madhav says Abhira, Armaan and you…. Abhira faints. Suwarna scolds Armaan. Krish and Manisha take Armaan. Ruhi asks Armaan not to leave her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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