Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th June 2024 : Armaan’s Dilemma !

The Episode starts with Kajal coming home to tell the truth. Sanjay stops her and says you won’t tell anyone, Abhira will come back home, do you want this. She says no, you have time till tomorrow, you fix everything, you know what mum will do if Ruhi and Armaan get married illegally. They go. Armaan runs out of the house. Abhira packs the bag. She hugs Armaan’s coat and thinks of him. She cries. She says Armaan…… Judaai….plays…. Armaan falls on the road. He smiles saying Abhira and runs barefoot to meet her. She says why would he come here, he doesn’t love me, he would be sleeping now, he will marry Ruhi tomorrow. She shuts the door. Armaan comes there.

She sits crying. Arman knocks the door. He falls there. She goes and opens the door. She sees Armaan. She asks are you okay, what happened to your feet, stay here. He holds her. She says I will get medicine for you. He says wait, I want to tell you something, you have made me mad in your love. She smiles. He says I love you. She says I love you too. They hug. He asks her to come home. She smiles. Its morning, Armaan wakes up in his room and looks around.

He says I was at Abhira’s room, how did I come here, was I dreaming, no, I remember, I went there and knocked the door, then I fell, didn’t I talk to her. He sees some box. He sees his memories and smiles. Dadi comes and recalls getting Armaan home. She says you were wearing these clothes when you came home. She shows the book and says Vidya has kept this book safe, she used to tell you stories and put you to sleep first and then Rohit. Vidya gets his sherwani. She says I m very happy and I forgive you for yesterday, I wish everything gets fine today. Charu says its not possible, look at his dark circles.

Vidya asks her to make him ready. She goes to see haldi preparations. Dadi says I have kept all your stuff safe, we all regard you family, tell me, can you keep our respect safe and regard us your family. She goes. Sanjay calls the judge. He gets angry. Kajal asks did their divorce get final. Sanjay says I m trying. She asks if this divorce doesn’t happen then…. Dadi asks what, get Parul’s divorce done asap, she is my friend’s granddaughter. He says yes, I m seeing that case, it will take 2 days. She blesses him and goes. Kajal says this house’s happiness is in your hands.

Armaan speaks to someone on call. The man wishes him for the marriage. Armaan gets messages from friends. Dadi hears Manisha and scolds her. Vidya says Armaan came home drunk, Manisha didn’t say anything wrong, isn’t he happy with this marriage. Dadi says he is very happy, someone spiked the juice, forget it, go and get Armaan. Manisha gets Swarna’s call. Swarna asks for Ruhi’s haldi. Manisha says we will send it. Dadi thinks Armaan and Ruhi will marry, I will defeat that girl. Abhira walks on the road.

Charu, Krish and everyone talk to the kids. Krish says I know Armaan loves Abhira, he should have courage. Charu says love leaves the support, just family supports us, what about Ruhi, how can Armaan leave her in the mandap. Armaan cries. He says I don’t know what to do. Abhira sees Armaan weds Ruhi board. She says I reached here again, fate doesn’t want me to go without saying bye to my ex house, this house made me cry a lot but gave me many good memories.

Armaan says Ruhi, marriage can’t happen, I love Abhira. He leaves. Abhira says I m leaving this city forever, I love you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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