Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : A Case of Mistaken Identity

The Episode starts with Abhimanyu asking elders not to tell anything to Parth, Misha and Neil. Anand jokes that he has become a wife’s puppet. Abhimanyu smiles and goes. Harsh says the girl is a doctor, we liked her. Anand says Manjiri did it well. Harsh says yes, she did it. Manjiri smiles. Anand asks Mahima to see how Manjiri handled her son’s matter well. Manjiri says I can’t make a mistake in this, its about my son, when my doctor bahu comes, she will handle our Birla hospital.

Abhimanyu lights fire crackers. He imagines Akshu. He says I have to talk to yu soon. Mahima comes and sees Akshu’s pic on his phone. She asks what’s her name, she is beautiful. Abhimanyu says Akshara Goenka. Mahima says Manjiri chose Aarohi and Abhimanyu loves Akshara, its a confusion, I will rule in the house and keep this confusion. Suwarna helps Akshu with the saree. She says even I had such problem in the beginning, Manish used to think that I don’t want to marry him, actually saree was the problem. She says when we can’t do something, else someone else does it, who knows you meet someone who makes you meet yourself, life takes some decisions sometimes. Akshu says fine, I will remember this.

Abhimanyu gets ready and comes. Manjiri asks why did you change. He says I m going to talk to her at her house. She says you can’t wait. Manjiri says Abhi is going to Goenkas house. Shefali asks the matter. Neil says he likes a girl. She says you didn’t tell us, what’s her name. Harsh and Anand laugh. Manjiri thinks Harsh is so happy with Aarohi’s alliance talks, maybe our relation also gets fine after she comes home. Abhi says I will go and ask her first. Shefali sings Lo chali mai… Neil asks Misha to teach the dance steps to him also.

Parth says finally, Abhi fell in love at first sight. Misha says I told you already. Anand also teases Abhi. They all laugh. Abhi says fine, I will not go. Manjiri asks him to go, and get a good news soon. She asks him to take a ribbon, they will need it for the ring size. He says people take ring, not a ribbon. She says my bahu will be like Aladdin lamp, she will bring happiness in the house. Shefali says we want to see a pic, please. Abhimanyu says okay, I will show.

Mahima stops him and says you go to Goenkas now, best of luck. Abhi leaves. Manjiri says I will buy a gold ring with A initial. Harsh says fine, buy. Mahima smiles. Abhimanyu is on the way. He says I m tensed, I will talk to Akshu once. He gets Aarohi’s call. Aarohi says I called to say thanks, I m lucky to get a chance to do internship under you. He says its better for our hospital if talented interns work. She says thanks, I knew it that we will be together after the trip. He says that trip changed my life also, I m coming to meet your Dadi to make Goenkas and Birlas relation more strong. She asks what do you mean. He says I will come and say.

Akshu gets his message. She goes aside and hears the audio message. He says I m coming to meet your Dadi and elders, I thought to do this good work today and bring relations closer, two people can together make a relation with themselves, I m reaching in 10 mins. Aarohi is happy and thinks is he coming to talk about our relation, no, what work will he have. Akshu thinks will he come to talk about the alliance, no. Aarohi collides with Vansh. She asks do I look good, I think I should wear red.

Akshu asks Kairav is she looking fine, or should she wear a suit. He asks what happened. Vansh asks why are you asking. Aarohi says I ave to give photo for college book. He says girls feel shy when a guy is coming to see her, you want to give a photo in the book, you look lovely in this dress, doctor’s alliance will come for you. He goes. Aarohi thinks I want the best in life, I got it. Akshu says Sirat told that she didn’t know when she fell in love with Kartik, did this happen with you, does love happen like this. Kairav asks are you fine. She says I don’t know, something wrong happened, did my wish get true. She goes. He says did she fall in love with someone.

Akshu says I have to go and get medicines, Abhimanyu can come. She takes the medicines from the car. Her saree gets stuck in the door. She sees the keys left inside. She says this time saree will get torn, how long will I stand here, if Abhimanyu comes and sees me in a torn saree. She tries to open the door. Abhimanyu comes and smiles seeing her. Dil ne kaha….plays… He goes to her. She falls in his arms. She says leave me. He says never. He unlocks the car door. He frees her saree. He says if you leave you like this, you will fall down and get hurt. He gives the car keys. She says thanks. He says you are looking like… She asks like? He says like a newly wedded bride. Jaaniye….plays… She smiles and runs away. He says listen. She says come in fast, everyone is waiting for you. He says operation Rishta continue.

Akshu smiles seeing Aarohi. Aarohi goes for the engagement. Abhimanyu says I love Akshara, not Aarohi. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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