Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : A Mast Musical Sangeet For Abhimanyu – Akshara

Abhi saying sorry to sing in front of you, can you sing Akshu’s fav song. Kumar Sanu sings Tujhe dekha to… Abhi and Akshu dance. Harsh calls the man and asks how did you send Kumar Sanu home. The man says Abhi said his real fan is in your house, your Bahu. Everyone claps. Suwarna says Abhi always makes Akshu happy. Dadi says yes, they should always stay happy. Akshu takes Kumar Sanu’s blessings and says I have learnt a lot from you since childhood. Kairav says thanks for coming in her sangeet, she is your big fan. Suwarna says we are also your big fan. Kumar Sanu says we are stars because of fans like you. Akshu thanks him. Kumar Sanu says Abhi told me about his Akshu on the way, I want to wish you a happy married life, there is happy ending in the movies, I have come that you have a happy beginning, I have sung solo for Akshu, how will I sing a duet. Abhi says Akshu will sing with you. Everyone asks Akshu to sing.

Akshu sings Chori chori jab nazre mili….. Kumar Sanu sings with her. She says I didn’t imagine I will get this chance, thanks. Abhi makes a heart gesture. Everyone meets Kumar Sanu. Harsh takes Abhi aside. He scolds Abhi. He asks did you decide to ruin us, you know city hall function was imp for me, we got Kumar Sanu for the minister, you got him here to impress Akshu. Akshu hears them.

Harsh says you will do what she says. Abhi says she didn’t ask me for this, it was a surprise for her, I m not a fool, will Kumar Sanu leave his professional commitments and come here. Minister’s PA calls Harsh and says Sir had to go to Delhi to meet the PM, he can’t come in the function. Harsh says thanks and ends the call. Abhi asks did you get the PA’s call, real professional is one who values every professional, we got Kumar Sanu for our event, if one event gets cancelled, then we should use his precious time, I just requested him, he came by his will, he is happy here. He goes with Akshu.

Akshu worries. Abhi says I get happy seeing you happy. She says Harsh is upset. He says can’t help it. She asks him to balance things. He takes her for the sangeet. Mahima says that private investigator will come in the party, I have to send this letter to him. Shefali comes to call her for the rasam. Dadi says we want to do a small rasam with Abhi and Akshu. Mahima asks is it necessary to do the rasam right now. Anand says we will do rasams later, artists are performing now. Kumar Sanu says you don’t change your program because of me, like singing is imp, rasams are also imp. Everyone smiles. Kairav jokes on Abhi’s family. Parth asks about the rasams. Mahima taunts him. Neil says you have to do these rasams in all the marriages of your house. Kumar Sanu gets an urgent call. He goes.

Dadi tells about the interesting rasam. Nishta asks do you have much fun in every marriage. Vansh says its more fun when both families get involved. Dadi asks them to come. Aarohi thinks did Abhi really forgive me, thank God. Mahima thinks why didn’t that detective come. Suwarna guides Abhi and Akshu about the rasam. Dadi says your relation will become strong till the sangeet. Suwarna says no relation is perfect. Dadi explains the rasam. She asks them to wrap themselves around in that cloth and come in front of each other, the cloth shouldn’t get torn, if they come in front of each other well, then you will handle the family well and balance things. Suwarna says if you both collide and the cloth gets pulled, then it means… Abhi asks what. Dadi says don’t try to find the result before the test. Neil asks Abhi would you have allergy by his cloth. Kairav says Akshu will treat his allergy. Abhi jokes on her home remedies. Manjiri says they are having fun. Harsh says I can see that there is a problem in this relation. Abhi and Akshu wrap themselves in the cloth. Akshu stumbles. They collide. Anand says it means they will have a big problem between them. Mahima says we should take rasams seriously. Abhi gets angry. Dadi says wait, rasams are done for happiness, not to give tension, Suwarna said one has to work on relation to make it perfect. Manjiri says yes, this was just a rehearsal. Harsh says Abhi is a doctor, he can’t do rehearsals, he can’t do trials on the patient. Manish says we forgot that they are doctors. Dadi says if we get ill, then we have to get tests done many times to end the illness from the root. Manish says yes, there is something lacking in the relation. Suwarna and Dadi also advice Abhi and Akshu. yeh Rishta….plays…

Kumar Sanu sings Aankh maare. Abhi and Akshu dance. She does cheating to make him lose. He falls down. Harsh says she did cheating and made you lose. Abhi looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena


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