Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Aarohi Plots Against Akshara !

The Episode starts with everyone consoling Shivansh. Akshu comes. Everyone tries to console. Akshu also sings and says he isn’t getting quiet. Shefali says I will see him. Akshu says the shirt tag is hurting him. Manjiri says we are thinking why is he crying, we didn’t understand this tag thing, I m sure that Akshu will become a good mum. Abhi looks on. Its night, Abhi takes care of Akshu. Akshu murmurs in sleep about babies. She says I also want our baby.

He prays to Mahadev. He says I will keep this poison of truth with me until I find the Amrit of hope. Its morning, Akshu feels pain in her stomach. She sees Manjiri. She says I was getting flowers for puja. Manjiri asks are you fine, did anything happen yesterday. Akshu says I met with a little accident. Manjiri worries and asks did you get hurt. Akshu says no, all the tests are fine. Manjiri says career comes later, health first, you don’t see and walk on the road. Akshu says I m fine, forget it now. Manjiri says work is a part of life, life isn’t a part of life. Abhi comes and hugs her. She says I m angry on you. He jokes. She asks is Akshu really fine, tell me. Abhi hugs her and says everything is fine.

Akshu says its good Abhi came and explained Maa, I missed the audition, I will mail sorry. She sees Abhi’s laptop open and takes it to use. Abhi comes and thinks did she see her reports. Akshu looks shocked. She says voice is a singer’s identity, I want my voice back, a big music director has put this on social media, Maya’s voice is mine. He says its time to tell this truth to the world, go get it.

Mahima and Aarohi see Manjiri, and have a talk. Aarohi says you will get interests with returns. Mahima nods. She says Manjiri, you handle the house, I handle the work, how did you make this mistake. Manjiri asks what did I do. Mahima says you got Neil and Aarohi home, but we have to accept them, they got married, we couldn’t do any rasam, you could have done a puja for them. Manjiri says right, I will keep the puja for them. Mahima says I will call Aarohi, explain her the rituals. She calls out Aarohi and says Manjiri wants to keep puja for you and Neil. Aarohi asks really. Manjiri says yes, you have to keep the fast, after puja completion, you can break the fast, we both also did this rasam, can you do this. Aarohi says yes, I know we made a mistake, I want to make everything right, I will keep the fast and do the puja, Neil and I didn’t have breakfast, we will keep the fast and puja today. She says we will talk to them.

Akshu recalls Maya. Abhi says I will also come with you to meet the music director, I m free. He cares for her. She gives him a kiss. He says we will meet downstairs, and goes. She wishes herself all the best. Aarohi sees Akshu leaving. Akshu gets Manish’s call and asks how is your health now, are you getting sleep on time. He says I m fine, I heard Aarohi is staying there, did she do anything, are you fine. Aarohi comes to her. Akshu says I m fine. He asks why didn’t you tell me. Aarohi signs her something and goes. Akshu says I will call you later, take care. Manish says you also take care. Akshu asks what did she tell me, I was on call. She goes.

Aarohi says I thought to invite you in puja, but its good if you don’t sit in puja, I didn’t tell anything, you couldn’t hear it, you saw that I said something, I will use this against you. The man asks what, are you Maya. Akshu says no, I m Akshara. He says I m finding Maya, not you. She asks are you finding Maya’s voice or her face, I m her voice. Mahima gets a call. She says its hospital matter. Neil and Mahima tell her about the patient’s kidney requirement. Aarohi says Abhi has gone out with Akshu. Neil says we have to decide after speaking to Abhi. Aarohi says you can also decide this. Abhi says Maya used to lip sync, Akshu used to sing. The man asks is this tv reality show, stop the nonsense and go, don’t waste my time. Abhi signs Akshu. Akshu says just truth can surprise you, give me a min, I will prove my truth to you.

Aarohi faints down. Anand says her BP and sugar dropped. Abhi asks why didn’t she eat anything. Akshu says Aarohi didn’t tell me anything. Neil argues with Abhi about Aarohi. Aarohi opens eyes and looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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