Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Aarohi Questions Abhimanyu About Akshu !

The Episode starts with Kairav asking Aarohi to get up, else he will scold her. He cries and asks her to get up. Aarohi reacts. He calls the doctor. Abhi comes and checks her. He injects her and stabilizes her. Akshu says I know it will be tough for you, but don’t trouble dad. She gets Manish’s call. She says I m leaving now. He says come, Aarohi got conscious by your arrival news, Abhi said she is okay, I will come and pick you. She says Aarohi got conscious. Abhinav says don’t cry now, come, we have to go to the airport. Aarohi sees the family members. Abhi asks do you identify all of them.

Manjiri asks are you okay. Aarohi nods. Abhi says get tests done after one hour. She says I m fine, how is Ruhi. He says she is better than you, I have handled her well. She asks about her school. He says I made her ready. She says you became dad and mum also. He says you also become poppy. Manish and Suwarna ward off her bad sight. Aarohi says Abhi, you scared my family, see they are crying, I m fine, you all cared for Ruhi well, so I was sleeping, how long did I sleep. Kairav says 21 hours. Manish and everyone try to go. Kairav says don’t take me wrong, I had gathered courage to say this, I think it will be best for Ruhi and you to come home.

Aarohi says yes, as soon as possible, Abhi take me home. Manjiri cries happily. Aarohi says doctors are there at home. Abhi says okay, you will get discharged today, take rest. They all go. Manjiri hears Aarohi talking to the nurses. Nurse says Abhi has done everything alone. Abhinav and Abhir follow Akshu’s orders and drink milk. Manish says you cancelled the ticket, why. Akshu says everyone is fine now, I shouldn’t come. He says situation will get you back. She feels sorry.

Abhir says mum never gets a holiday, I m happy that she didn’t go, Manish would have scolded mum, and mum would have scolded doc man. Akshu talks to Manish about Muskaan. She asks him to support Muskaan. Manish says its okay, I will think another daughter has come, send me her ticket details, if you want to come back home, then just come, don’t pack your bag, you have everything as it is, we are waiting for you. She says I will come if situation arises. He blesses her.

She thinks Aarohi got fine, I m in my world, she is my her world, thanks Kanha ji for making her fine. Abhir checks her temperature. She says I m fine. Abhir asks how did it go so soon. Abhinav says by the good news that her sister is fine, I have seen it now, blood relations are special, I can never understand this. Abhir asks why can’t you understand, I m your own baby, how did you forget me. Abhinav cries and hugs him. Akshu also cries. Abhir says senti dad, you have a hobby to hug. Muskaan comes. Akshu says I m doing your packing.

Muskaan thanks him. She says you are avoiding Udaipur for some reason, sorry, don’t tell me, will there be any problem with my leaving. Akshu says I didn’t know when you got so mature. She hugs her and says I will tell you the entire truth, Muskaan. Kairav cries and checks a memory box of Akshu and Aarohi’s childhood. Nagme hai…plays… He says they thought I will protect them, I couldn’t do anything. He cries and hugs the boxes. Dadi looks on and cries. Yaadein…plays… Dadi says let this sorrow, anger and pain come out, then we will get our Kairav again, brothers and sisters can get away, but never separated. Ruhi talks to Aarohi. Everyone laughs.

Ruhi says Abhi got jam for me, its world’s best ever jam, if you eat it, then you will get mad for it. Aarohi asks the flavour. Ruhi tells her. Manjiri says cinnamon with elaichi. Ruhi says it was yummy. Abhi says let her take rest. Aarohi says we will thank the person for the jam, Abhi call her. Ruhi says yes, please call, I have to say thanks. Abhi says its business, you had it, its okay. They insist. Mahima says we should be thankful that Aarohi got conscious. Manjiri says I will light the diya. Ruhi says I will have some jam and brush my teeth. Aarohi says that jam was Akshu’s fav, she learnt it from Suwarna, why do I feel that Akshu has sent the jam, no need to say yes, I read it on your face.

Abhinav says I wanted to say something to you, I love you. Akshu is shocked. Aarohi says Abhi is Ruhi’s poppy. The lady says you didn’t say your husband is a doctor. Manjiri asks Abhi to weave a family with Aarohi and Ruhi.

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