Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Aarohi Refuses to Get Engaged to Abhi!

The Episode starts with Abhinav saying I know I came between you both, I can’t, you all would have been together, Abhir and you all. Akshu says Abhinav. He says this ji can’t get removed from our name, what is yours can’t be ours, I m a small man and can’t get a big love story, come home and scold me. She says I don’t want a big love story, I will scold you right now, I know you saw me and Abhi inside the temple, so you took Abhir to the car, you gave us privacy, hear out what he said. He says I know.

She says then hear out what I said. He says I don’t want to know it, I m a small man, but I m not a fallen person. She says you have to listen. He says I m a poor man, I have no right and relation with you, it was better that I had died. She says shut up Abhinav, I won’t hear this nonsense. He says sorry, I can’t do this. Ye Jeevan hai…plays… He goes and waits for her. She goes with him. Surekha says I don’t think Aarohi and Abhi’s engagement will happen, there is no excitement.

Suwarna asks what can do we for your excitement, shall Manish and I do Salsa, it’s a dance form. Surekha says US life is busy. Suwarna asks Dadi to take care of her health. Surekha says yes, dance well of engagement happens. They argue. Dadi says I know no one can take someone’s fate along, but did Akshu’s coming disturb Aarohi’s life. Manish says Aarohi would have told us, just pray that Abhi is proved right for Aarohi and Ruhi. Akshu wakes up by the alarm.

She looks inside the room and says where did Abhinav go. She gets a note. She reads… I m going to get the car repaired. She says he went without telling me for the first time in 6 years. Abhir hugs and says good morning mumma. She kisses him. He says it looks new today, dad isn’t with me, where did he go. Abhinav’s pic falls. They worry. Manjiri asks Shefali about the arrangements. Mahima asks her to relax, everything will be done.

Manjiri puts the ring in the boxes properly. She says all the problems got away, now this house won’t catch anyone’s bad sight. Abhir says it didn’t break. Akshu says yes, but it fell. She climbs on the stool and fixes the pic back on the wall. She thinks this family is there because of Abhinav, I won’t let her fear turn true, nothing will change. Abhir says its not like before.

Ruhi sets Abhi’s hair and asks shall we dance on 2 songs or 3. Abhi says your wish. She says you are hurt. He says I have taken strong medicines and can dance well. Everyone smiles. Anand says pandit didn’t come. Mahima says ask pandit to come soon, is Aarohi ready. Shefali says no. Ruhi says I have set Abhi’s hair, everyone wear nice clothes and come.

She asks Aarohi aren’t you ready. Aarohi gets the engagement dress. Manjiri says I will sprinkle water on it. She does the rituals. She gives the dress to Aarohi. Aarohi says you keep it, because I m not ready for the engagement. Ruhi laughs and says so Manjiri is asking you to get ready. Aarohi says I don’t want to get engaged, I want some time. Manjiri asks what is she saying, this can’t happen. Aarohi says sorry, don’t panic. Abhi asks Manjiri to have water.

He says Aarohi wants some time. Manjiri asks what happened, don’t do this, I have seen a dream that you three unite and make a family, don’t break my dream, now she also left. Abhi says calm down. Manjiri says don’t solve your problems, there is no reason to get late. Abhi says there is no reason to rush, you want me and Aarohi to get together, I m with her in her every decision. He signs Aarohi. Akshu turns and says Abhinav. Neela comes. She asks what happened, is everything fine. Akshu hugs her and says no, nothing is fine.

Abhi comes to meet Kairav. Kairav gets angry. Abhi hugs him and says I m sorry, you said I m wrong, you were right, you are not only Akshu’s brother but also my friend, I m sorry for the injustice I did with Akshu. Kairav asks really, why are you sorry now, why are you doing this romance scene with me. Abhi says I m sorry. Kairav scolds him and says you can never be the right choice for anyone’s sister, you will never get forgiven, this is your punishment. He leaves.

Abhi comes home. Ruhi asks why are they removing decorations, are you breaking the promise of becoming my poppy. He looks at her. Akshu says I wanted Abhinav to enjoy the Udaipur sightseeing, but he has seen my past, it wasn’t good, I couldn’t explain him, he is still fighting. Neela explains her.

She says Abhinav is scared that things might change. Akshu says I m also scared but we have to move on, I hope he gets rid of this fear. She sees his pic.
Shefali says that if it was not for my child, I would not have stayed with you. Parth slaps her. She falls down. Abhi sees this and asks how dare you raise hand on her. Akshu comes to police station. Inspector asks her to get proof. She says I will get proof and get my husband freed, he won’t suffer in lockup.

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