Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhi & Akshara Decide to Move on !

The Episode starts with Dadi saying I want to see Akshu once, just go and get Akshu, she didn’t come for Akshu, she may come for my sake. Manish says I promise, I will not do anything to get Akshu. Akshu thinks of Abhi seeing a bike toy. Abhir says Golu’s bike is cool, we exchanged the bike. Abhi sees a lady humming and recalls Akshu. She asks Abhinav to get a new saree for her for the dinner. He smiles and says thanks, I will get it by my choice. He goes. Abhi talks to Rohan. He says its Ruhi and my dinner date, I want something special, can you order these flowers. Rohan says fine, done.

Abhinav, Akshu and Abhir come to the restaurant. They decide the menu. Akshu says everything is allowed today, Abhir order whatever you want. Abhinav asks shall we order daal and paneer. She says yes. He looks at her. Abhi, Aarohi and Ruhi are also at the restaurant. Aarohi thanks Abhi for taking care of her. Abhi says don’t be silly, its normal to help anyone in family, it would be tough to forget the date today. He recalls Akshu. He says forget it, food will get cold if we think of old dates.

He asks Ruhi to have food. Ruhi asks where is choco shake. Abhi says it will come. A lady Mrs. Singh comes and meets them. Aarohi introduces Abhi as Ruhi’s poppy. The lady says you didn’t say your husband is also a doctor. Ruhi says no, my dad has become a star. The lady says so sorry. Aarohi says Abhi is my late husband’s elder brother.

Abhinav says we should come and celebrate. Akshu says yes, when some guests come. Abhir says we should have come with doc man. She asks him to stop talking. She says we will go and watch a movie, eat samosas in the theatre. Abhir goes to washroom. Abhinav is tensed. She says we should leave, else movie will start. He says I have something in my heart, I wanted to tell you since long. She asks him to say. He says love, its about love. She worries. He says I love you. She asks what.

He says no, I mean if I loved you, then this dinner would have be a dinner date, I have seen in movies, I have seen the guy proposing the girl, if we met that way, then we would have got married, then if we had got divorced, then even I would have not moved ahead of your memories, if you aren’t able to move on, then fine, you don’t need to feel guilty, a person can leave a bad habit, not memories, its normal if you have memories, we are a family, there is nothing to prove to us, old sorrow is like an ice mountain, it takes years to melt, its fine, let it take time. He pacifies her. She cries and says I wish this mountain melts forever, that day comes soon. He nods. Abhir comes and says we will go to theatre. She says no, there will be noise, we can’t talk there, come. They sit back and order food. Abhinav smiles seeing her.

Abhi and Aarohi get Ruhi home. Manjiri says you had much fun at dinner. Ruhi says yes. Abhi and Aarohi hold Ruhi and their heads collide. Ruhi says strike heads again. He jokes. She tells Manjiri about Mrs. Singh thinking Aarohi is Abhi’s wife. Manjiri smiles. Ruhi and Aarohi leave. She gets hurt. Manjiri worries. She says when I see Ruhi and Aarohi with you, I see a family, you don’t see, I feel hurt that you are living alone, why can’t you make a family. He says I promise I will move on, but not this way, relations are already complicated, try to understand. She says fine, I m foolish, you are sensible, right.

He says give me some time. She says you are stepping back in fear, if you want freedom then you have to break this fear. He says I will, but give me time. He goes. Kairav waits for Muskaan. Bus arrives. She gets down the bus. She looks around. She calls Kairav. He asks where are you. They both argue. He says stay there, tell me some landmark. She says I can see a man talking on call, he looks angry, I will go to him. She goes to him.

Akshu and Abhinav come from the market. She says I will call Muskaan. She calls Muskaan. Abhi sees the jam and thinks I can’t do this mistake again. Abhinav gets the boxes. He gets Abhi’s call. He says its Abhi’s call.

Dadi asks Akshu to come on her birthday, else she will come there. Muskaan sees Abhi. Abhi thinks did Muskaan tell them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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