Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhi Akshu Are Drunk !

Akshu saying I was going to the NGO and got stuck here. Abhi says such cases happen every day, will you run all the time. She says that case was different, I was worried and hoped that someone will come to help me, you are scolding me. He says sorry, you are behaving like kids and irritating me. She asks him to call her home and inform that she is fine. Vansh says we didn’t get Akshu, Kairav fell unwell, so we came back.

Abhi calls Manish. Akshu talks to the family. She says I m just coming home now. Kairav asks how did Abhi reach there. Abhi says I asked some people and got the lead. Akhilesh says they have to stay there, the bridge collapsed, Abhi take care of Akshu. Kairav says come soon when the route gets fixed. Abhi says Kairav, ask Manjiri not to worry for me. Akshu asks will we stay here. He asks shall I make a castle for you. She sees the car keys and says its inside, I was scared. He asks why were you scared that day. She says I was nervous because of you, open the door with hair pin. He asks where is the pin. She says open with anything else. They argue. Jaaniye….plays…

Mahima says Abhi and Akshu are together. Neil thinks they are made for each other. He asks Aarohi to come, he will drop her home. Mahima thanks Lord. Abhi says I can’t open the door. Akshu asks is your talent not working today.

He says we have to find some other place, come, its too cold. She sits on his bike. She says thanks for coming. He thinks I always want to come to you. They reach somewhere. He asks a man for some place to stay, the bridge collapsed. The man says come, this is my house, welcome, if you can stay here. Abhi gives him money. The man says there is everything in the house, its too cold, do you want something.

Abhi says nothing. She asks what do you have. Abhi says I m talking. The man says I will go to the neighboring house. She asks why, we came to take shelter. The man goes. Abhi says he was drunk. She says I thought he is a nice man. She gets a bottle and says we get cold drink here. He says its a village, not Antarctica. She drinks and says its good. They both drink that. Akhilesh says bridge repair started. Manish says no use to go there now, Abhi is with Akshu, he is sensible, how will they manage. Neil asks shall I come along. Manish nods.

Aarohi thinks of Abhi and Akshu. Abhi and Akshu get intoxicated. They say something is happening and laugh. Neil sees Aarohi worried. Abhi says I m a big doctor, but I m alone, my mum and I are each other’s support. Akshu holds him and says I don’t even have a mum. Neil asks why are you scared, don’t be afraid, Abhi will marry you, Akshu won’t snatch him. Aarohi says do your work. Neil says if anything happens, then what can you do. He goes. Abhi says just you are there in my heart, your voice…. sing a song. Akshu says guitar isn’t here. He says but you sing it. She asks which one.

He says Roop tera mastana…. She says but you should sing this for me. He says but I sing really bad. She says sing from heart. He says you are drunk. She says you too. He asks really, then its good, whatever I sing will look good. He goes to sing. Harsh jokes on Akshu. He says Akshu always brings troubles. Mahima says you dislike her for no reason, Abhi went there, they will come. Manjiri recalls Abhi’s words. He thinks I shouldn’t think so. Abhi sings Roop tera mastana…. Akshu dances with him. She recalls his words and goes away. She cries. Abhi also cries. She runs and hugs him. Jaaniye…plays….

Abhi says we will get married, will you marry me now. Kairav says bridge is repaired, we must go now. Abhi applies sindoor to Akshu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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