Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : : Abhi, Akshu Aur Roadies !!

The Episode starts with the goons staring at Akshu. Akshu says I have to go to a nearby village, I took the wrong bus, I got down the bus and was walking, these guys came following me. Abhi beats the goons. They run away. Abhi asks her why did she get down the bus on this empty road. She says bus driver asked me to get down. He asks will you jump into a well if anyone says. He calls her aunty. She says I m not an aunty, I can manage. He says I can see how you are managing everything. She says sorry, thanks for this concern. He asks really, I would have done this for anyone in your place.

Aarohi thinks thank God, there were just some dogs. Neil passes by and stops the bike seeing her. They argue. He says I m going to Shivir, are you also going there. She says wow, intelligent. He says I m intelligent, I can’t leave you alone here, come, sit, I will drop you, village is far, come. She thinks to tolerate him to reach Abhi. Abhi asks Akshu to come, he will drop her. Akshu says no, thanks. He asks whose help will she take, he is there, there won’t be a complication, he has moved on. He feels hurt. She asks what happened. He says its a nerve catch. She asks how. She says you can’t ride now, I will ride, sit. He asks can you ride. She says yes, my mum used to ride. He sits. He asks Akshu where is she going. He says there is some camp going on, Manish has sent me to teach music to the kids, where are you going. He says same place, camp. She thinks why this place. Aarohi thinks this is the chance to get close to Abhi. Abhi thinks what’s happening, Akshu is in front of me again, I shouldn’t get those feelings again, just focus on work. He holds her. Jaaniye….plays… He asks her to ride carefully. She says road is rough, so I had to apply brakes. They argue.

He says I will ride, I m fine now. She says I m enjoying the ride now, Kairav doesn’t allow me to ride, sit quietly. She thinks I have to move on. He thinks I have to move on. Aarohi asks Neil to ride fast. Neil asks her to ride if she wants. She says I don’t know. They argue. Akshu and Abhi dream of their romance. O mere dil ke chayn….plays…

Kairav asks why did you send Akshu there, she is worried. Manish asks Kairav doesn’t he trust him. He says we know what she is going through, she will feel good if she helps the kids in the Shivir. Kairav asks what about Aarohi. Akhilesh says Aarohi went for on-site work, I don’t think they went at the same place. Vansh says I hope this outing helps them in moving on. Harsh comes to his room. He says you made everyone worried, did you see the work. Manjiri says yes, I explained the staff. He asks what was Abhi saying, did you tell him something. She says no, why would I say. She thinks everything will shatter if this matter comes out. He says I have sent Aarohi to the health camp, only she is the sensible one, she understood my way of work, she is a smart girl, I like her. She says I told the same to Abhi. He says Akshu supported us because of Aarohi, your mistake is proved right, we should think of Aarohi. She says yes, Abhi assured me. He says lets see then.

Abhi and Akshu reach the camp. She gets down the bike and stumbles. He holds her. Jaaniye….plays…. He asks her to walk carefully. She asks him to handle himself first. She goes. He says I will avoid her today. Aarohi comes and says sorry, I got late, but not so late. He says your name wasn’t in the list. She says Harsh has sent me. She goes. They get busy in their work. Abhi says everything is still the same in front of my eyes. Neil says I saw Aarohi on the way and got her, there are two issues here, what will you do. Abhi says fate will decide now. Neil prays for him. Aarohi sees Akshu there. She goes and argues with her. Akshu says Manish has sent me here, call him and ask. Aarohi says you can’t see me living in peace. Akshu gets sad. Aarohi think Akshu had snatched Abhi, not this time, I will be with Abhi.

Akshu sings for the kids. Pyaar ke bandhan…plays… Fire catches up. She shouts. Abhi goes to save the kids. Akshu says I won’t let anything happen to him. She also enters the place.

Update Credit to: Amena

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