Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhi – Arohi Are Engaged !

Akshu performing on bole chudiyaan… Abhi comes and dances with her. Everyone dances. Abhi looks at Akshu. They go away and cry. Kairav goes to see. Akshu turns and sees Neil. He says no need to say something, I understand, you both aren’t understanding. She says this doesn’t matter now, come. She goes. Kairav asks how did you come directly. She says Neil helped me in coming from back door.

Shefali shows the ring for Aarohi. They see an empty ring box. Harsh asks where did the ring go. Shefali and Manjiri say it was here. Manish says Harsh, don’t worry, the ring will be found. Mahima taunts on the hurdle. Akshu checks the box. She says its here, it got hid under the velvet box. Dadi says many times, things are in front of our eyes, but we don’t see. Neil says I don’t think your love is suppressed, you think love isn’t in your fate. Abhi and Akshu see each other.

Abhi and Aarohi stand for engagement. He makes Aarohi wear the ring. Manjiri asks Aarohi to make him wear the ring now. He shows the bandage on his finger. Manjiri asks what happened to you. Abhi says I knew you will get scared, its a little wound. Akshu recalls. He recalls hearing about the ring ceremony, and hurting himself. Mahima says its okay, make him wear the ring in other finger. Neil taunts Abhi. Manjiri says make him wear ring in other hand. Dadi says yes. Aarohi makes him wear the ring. Abhi cries and sees Akshu.

Manjiri asks him to come for aid. He says I know it, I will handle. Aarohi also insists. He says I know better, come, we will take a selfie. Kairav looks at Akshu. They take pics. Abhi goes. Shefali says I m trying to balance work and family, I could have not missed the engagement, Abhi’s finger was hurt, I thought he did this in anger. Mahima says he did it intentionally. Shefali asks what, he should think well and decide.

Mahima says I hope he thinks well and decides. Aarohi says did Abhi hurt himself, no, I got engaged today, now I shall focus on my Masters, I will be the best. Akshu comes to Abhi. He jokes. She says I got jamun leaves. He asks really. She says yes, it will help you. He says this pain won’t get less, you won’t understand. She holds his hand and does the aid.

He says this hand ache will go away, what about my heart ache, tell me what to do, just end this, please. She cries. She says marriage is the only cure for this, you are getting married, this ring marks a relation, Aarohi is your would be wife, she is my sister, you just respect this relation, it will be good for us, everything gets fine after marriage. She goes. Manjiri looks on and goes. Akshu cries. Kairav comes and sees Akshu crying. He sees Abhi there.

Neil asks Abhi to break the engagement. Kairav says I will tell everything your feelings. Neil says I will tell your feelings to mum. Kairav goes to Manish. Neil goes to Manjiri.

Update Credit to: Amena

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